This is cool

I was prowling the Internet for a cheese grits recipe and found this site. What’s neat about it is that it’s got a calculator button, so, for instance, while  the original recipe serves twelve (those Southerners!) you can punch in a more typical New England number like “four”, meaning serve two and save the leftovers, and the program recalculates the ingredients. Nifty. It’s meatloaf and cheese grits at the Fountain house tonight.


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  1. I loved Gigi’s grits and eggs too, but I’d forgotten mom’s corned beef hash and eggs till the other day…I served the hash without the eggs because I
    wasn”t sure what she did to get them all round and neat on top of the hash casserole….still ain’t. ( aren’t, am not… )

  2. Anonymous

    Nice… too bad it doesn’t recalculate the pan size and cooking time. But I guess that’s asking for an arm and a leg too.

  3. EOS

    Copycat – we had meatloaf and cheese grits last night, honest to god. Must be the cold weather that is making people turn to winter recipes already. I add garlic to my cheese grits for a little extra zing. Lunch today was EZ: cold meatloaf sandwiches.

  4. Jane

    Promise me you are using real cheese?

  5. Greenwich Gal

    Don’t forget the Lipitor…

  6. Anonymous

    We had meatloaf too! with roasted potatoes and broccoli- the grits sound fantastic!

  7. EOS

    In advance of the opening day of waterfowl hunting season Friday (at least here in RI), I’m looking for new ways to serve duck and/or goose. I’ll post a thread on my own site if anyone cares to zing me any recipes/ideas.

  8. EOS

    CF: waiting for a review of your meatloaf and grits dinner…had lunch yet for the cold sandwich?

    • Meatloaf was excellent (I use the veal, pork beef combo, plus Panko, milk and parsley). Cheese grits were good too and yes, the meatloaf sandwich on leBrara three cheese semilona toast) was very tasty.

  9. Anonymous

    lorinhart, your mother probably used an egg-ring.

  10. EOS

    what the heck is “leBrara three cheese semilona toast”? I know you meant semolina but what is leBrara – is it a brand?

  11. EOS

    Never heard of it. ‘Larn something new everyday. I’ll look for it tomorrow. Of course, I have no leftover meatloaf.

  12. pulled up in OG

    You do $3.895M x 0.05/2 in your head, and ya need a calculator to divide by three? : )