This will bring a change to deer hunting

DARPA’s coming out with the second generation of the “one shot, can’t miss” sniper rifle.


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5 responses to “This will bring a change to deer hunting

  1. Cobra

    I want one.

  2. fred

    The technology is in the spotting scope not the gun. The gun still relies on old fashioned elevation and windage. The spotter still tells the shooter what e+w corrections to make. This technology has been around for a decade. Its sorta a waste of millions of dollars i think. Shit, everytime a drone drops a smart it cost a cool million. Fucken waste.

    Should round up 2 million illegals, equip em with a 16, 6 battlepacks and c’s for a week and drop em off in hellmand province.

  3. Anonymous

    sounds really heavy. maybe much heavier than the M-24/M-40.

    tough to account for changing breezes downrange.

    it’s designed for .308. while the spindrift calculation is cool, it’s more useful for .50 bmg 0r .338 lapua, even .300 win mag, less so for .308. otherwise the old fashioned range card can deal with drop and windage.

    anyway, we’re bow-hunting with traditional gear this season. looking forward to taking the youngster out.

    happy hunting CF.

  4. Fred – Predator drones fire Hellfire missiles, which cost $58,000 each.