Cherry pie

My advice? Skip the lattice work. In fact, skip the whole crust process. I used to pride myself on my crusts, using flour, ice water and lard to produce a melt- in-in-your-mouth product. It was great, but I now use  a Pillsbury roll up crust that is nearly as good and save an hour in preparation. The Dough Boy has won me over because I’ve grown lazy.

Same thing with cherries. No more fresh fruit and 30 minutes pitting them. I buy frozen tart cherries and let them thaw.

I made a cherry pie this weekend using these principles and it wasn’t bad, but I threw in instant tapioca, as most recipes call for, and it was a gummy mistake. The best cherry pie I’ve ever made came about because I had no tapioca on hand and I substituted corn starch and cut way down on the sugar. I’ll see if I can’t recreate that and if so, will publish it here.


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9 responses to “Cherry pie

  1. Peg


    Do you do windows, too? 🙂

  2. Fred2

    Most (sweet) north american pie recipes benefit from drastically reducing the general sugar content from what the recipe calls for.. at least to my taste buds.

  3. Anonymous

    How much did 2 Windrose Way (Mead Point) sell for at auction?

  4. IDAHO

    Bear grease makes great crusts!!

  5. SouthernDiscomfort

    Real estate market must be absolutely dead, if all you can come up with is how bake a cherry pie.

  6. We’re such big fans of fresh cherries at my house that we bought a cherry pitter. It works great and is much faster and neater than doing it by hand.

  7. cpu

    Hmmm… Y’all must have some funny cherries back east. Here in Washington state we would call that one Strawberry-Rhubarb.


  8. Alex

    What are the ingredients in a homemade pie crust? What are the ingredients in a Pillsbury pie crust? I rest my case!