Almost a perfect game

Philadelphia’s Doc Halladay pitched the second no hitter in post-season baseball history and missed a perfect game by just one measly walk. Halladay did pitch a perfect game back in June, so he’s probably cool with his no hitter. Interesting, to me at least, is that after laboring in obscurity up in Toronto for twelve years, the 33-year-old eschewed free agency and took a three year deal with the Phillies for $60 million. Apparently he could have received far more had he gone the free agent route, but he wanted to play for a contender. And after all, how much money do you need? But good for him – I think I’ll start rooting for the Phillies. Haven’t checked on the Yankees yet but with any luck, they’re losing

UPDATE: Yankees won, but a good game, with lead changes, come-backs and all the essential elements of great baseball. As for Halladay, he’s a 6′ 6″ Mormon, with all sorts of charitable acts under his belt. Babe Ruth must be spinning in his grave.


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7 responses to “Almost a perfect game

  1. Walt

    Dudester –
    I hope you took my advice, and bet the Yanks. If so, your $49.50 commission from the 2006 sale of the Cos Cob double wide is now DOUBLED. So that is like what, $ 10,000?

    Don’t worry. I like you. I don’t expect the standard 2/20 commish. You are a pal. And I am a pro. So keep it. My treat. You load.

    But I am Wall Street vet. So of course I expect something in return. So here it is.

    No more eat dirt recipes posted on the blog. Please. You are grossing me out. I know times are tough. Especially for professional dirt salesman like you. But I just put some Ka-Ching in your pocket. So use it to eat right.

    So instead of leftover lobster shell recipes, and trying to make edible food out of dog shit, post a real lobster bisque recipe instead. OK? Is that to much to ask?

    Instead of dog shit grits, how about a great home fry recipe?

    Instead of a road kill thrill surprise recipe, how about a slow cook pot roast recipe? I have one that is THE BEST. You load. But I won’t share it.

    So quit it with the shit no one eat’s. Let’s do a real man food post, that people enjoy. On an affordable budget. Hey, HAY!!! that could be a book Dude. Not that you have an affordable budget. “Man Food By Men”. I am liking it. Or “Man Food Chicks Will Dig”. Let me ponder it some more, but this is a saleable concept.

    Go work on your “driveway gravel rock souffle” and “sprinkled deer nuggets turd topped white ice dessert” and I will send a JV proposal in a bit. And don’t foget the bulls balls palate cleanser. That is your specialty if I remember properly.

    Your Pal,

  2. You THINK you’ll START rooting for the Phillies?? Mr. Doc-tober showed those Reds last night what the Phillies can do. I’ve been a Phan since the days playing at Connie Mack Stadium…with Robin Roberts, Richie Ashburn, Clay Dalrymple, Art Mahaffey, Jim Bunning – all coached by Gene Mauch.

    No Yankees fans in this household.

    I’ll be at Game 2, front and center. I’ll wave.

  3. The Duke of Deception

    Ah yes, the ’64 Phillies.

  4. Anonymous

    Sen. Jim Bunning…..nut case. Yanks win 6-4.

  5. LLS 2

    eh ? how come no posting regarding the sale of the Helmsley estate ??

  6. What a great pitched game by Doc