(another) price cut

221 Taconic Rd

This place on just under 5 acres sold for $4.150 back in 2002. The buyer tried for $5.2 a year later but didn’t get it. So he did some renovations and tried again in 2008, asking $8.2 million. Today he’s back down to $4.950. Assessment is $2.679.


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14 responses to “(another) price cut

  1. I’ll offer $3,200,000. Bet that’s close to its final sales price, whenever.

  2. EOS

    I love this part of Taconic. The gorgeous house right before this one has a BARN I would call home. The brick house at the corner isn’t too shabby either. If you check out 221 on Bing maps birds eye view you’ll see what I mean about the neighbors. Who has the listing?

  3. Walt

    You busy running around not selling any dirt? You are missing some good stuff. Like this.
    A woman named Krystal Ball. I shit you not. I could do 2 pages on this. She isn’t a stripper. She is a Democrat running for Congress in Virginia. Now check this out:


    I think I would actually vote for this woman if I could. She seems like the only politico willing to admit she is out to F*&K you!!
    Your Pal,

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    And this one. How did you miss this? It’s dirt related. And seriously, is this shit really going on? Your a pro. Let me know:


    Your Pal,

    PS – Halladay just threw a no hitter for the Phillies. And Yanks are a lock tonight. Bet your last commission check on that. When was the last check? 2005 double wide? Cos Cob? $42.50?

  5. Walt

    And Dick Clark –
    I thought you were dead. You must be older than dirt. But I hope to see you on Rockin in New Years Eve. If you are still above ground, can you introduce me to Ke$ha? Or Miley Cyrus? But only if she is over 18. Ok?
    Your Pal,

  6. CF,

    I tried emailing you, but I suspect the message went to spam.

    It looks like I’m about to buy a house in Byram. Here’s my question: Is there an inspector you’d recommend? Or one you’d un-recommend?

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    And finally what about this tid bit?

    Now how sad is that? You have to get the word out, with this blog of yours. You have a moral obligation. If all 4 or 5 of your readers banded together, just think of what we could do. Democrats? Republicans? Tea Party? Screw them.

    We can be the Fountain Follys. Or the Greenwich Gang – Our farts smell like roses!
    Or – Greenwich Mob – We accept Jews now!
    Or W.A.S.P. – Why Accept Second Place?
    I got more!!
    Your Pal,

  8. Cos Cobber

    Greetings from my vinyl clad doublewide with broken screen door,

    Continuing Walt’s OT link posting free-for-all, watch all 22 minutes of this Paladino interview. He starts out rough, but settles into a message about mid-way in.


  9. Inagua


    You are a real gentleman. Most people would have told the liberal twit to ask his own broker for a recommendation.

  10. Anonymous

    EOS, your barn is for sale and it’s been marked down by 1/3 according to Mr. Fountain. 🙂


  11. EOS

    I didn’t know 217 was for sale. I drive by it all the time and wish…….sadly, I couldn’t even afford the property taxes let alone the house. Thanks for the link however.

  12. Chris,

    If the choice had been entirely mine, I would have been eager to have you be my agent in this deal. The choice wasn’t mine. Thank you for the recommendations you’ve offered; we’re contacting the recommendees.

    (I would have preferred to reach you by email, but I’ve had no success in months. Either your account is set at “Block Liberal Messages,” or you’ve got a ravenous Spam Detector.)

    Yours truly,

    The Twit