Sales, etc.


135 Riverside Avenue


This spec house, rented out when it wouldn’t sell for $3.795, is back on the market. But now it’s 3 or 4 years old. Hmm.




79 Byram Shore Road has sold for $6.9 million. It’s an acre and a half, direct waterfront with a mooring and a dock. Originally asked $9.5 million back in 2008, assessment is $4.9. Byram Shore’s allure has always eluded me but it has commanded some of the highest prices in Greenwich real estate.


72 Dearfield Drive


This house on Dearfield is now with a new agent and asking $1.295, down quite a bit from its 2005 price of $2.295. Assessment is $1.264, so reality must be setting in.


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4 responses to “Sales, etc.

  1. Pete

    Does 79 Byram Shore Rd. include the extra lot?

  2. Anonymous

    Did 135 Riverside Avenue sell?

  3. 72 dearfield

    where did the fence disappear to? close to road with lots of fence.