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Poor Obama – can’t win for losing


Okay, this is Pamela Anderson, not our president, but aren't you glad?

The guy wears a helmet while biking and gets lambasted for being a wuss. He eschews a helmet on Martha’s Vineyard’s (traffic free) bike paths and is called a callous monster setting a bad example for the children of America. Helmets save five lives a year, while convincing 800,000 kids not to ride at all due to the “dork factor”. On the other hand, I was knocked over by some old man a few years ago and banged my head on the pavement, blood coming out the ear, etc. and would have been glad to have been wearing a helmet. So, ya take ya chances.



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Maine heiress, Greenwich hedge fund boyo

Donald Sussman, hedgie extraordinaire, is dating Congresswoman Chellie  Pingree up in Maine, and the Republicans are mocking this “small business woman” for pretending to be working class. I don’t know anything about this Ms. Pingree, who is 55 and divorced, but I suspect that she could charter her own jet instead of using Mr. Sussman’s if she so chose.When I practiced in Bangor, Maine, the Pingree heirs were our richest private clients – they own half of Maine’s woodlands, and even with the ups and down of the timber market, that’s a lot of income. You can fit all of the rest of New England into Maine, so half that state’s timberlands is a lot. I wish both Mr. Sussman and Ms. Pingree all joy, and hope that Maine voters will cast their vote on whether Pingree has represented them ably, rather than some vague prejudice against a Greenwich rich guy. I mean, who cares?


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Greenwich Police Department’s SWAT team

I was chatting yesterday with John Robben who has just been named official photographer for the town of Greenwich. John’s a terrific photographer and he showed me some prints that will be displayed in January (I think) in Town Hall. One of the shots was of the town’s SWAT team, all dressed up in military gear and ready to go, and that got me thinking.

I’ve made fun of our cops’ penchant for new and bigger toys, but the Hayes/Petit murder trial has made me realize that horrendous acts can come suddenly and unexpectedly to the nicest towns, and happen to the nicest people. Sadly, we probably do need a SWAT team these days.

That said, it also appears that the Chesire police department blew the rescue. They knew of the hostage situation, yet the responding officer went first to headquarters to pick up a bullet-proof vest and then waited with other officers outside the house while Hayes and his co-conspirator raped the Petit girl and her mother one more time, strangled Mrs. Petit and burned the two girls to death. One brave cop could have saved three lives.

I’m encouraged by reader GPD Folks comment that, here in Greenwich, the cops are trained to “go through the door, through the window or through the wall” when people are in danger. We’re blessed with better trained and more resourceful policemen than many other towns. And if they want SWAT stuff, that’s fine with me, so long as they don’t wait thirty minutes to assemble it.


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Takes one to know one

Delaware’s Drunk Driving enforcement chief quits after being arrested for DUI. You’d think they’d want her voice of experience, but no.


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Holy Cow! New Canaan bargain


119 Proprietors Crossing, NC


Terri Buhl just sent me this link: $12 million New Canaan mansion, now bank owned, is asking $3.9 million. Do you know what that does to New Canaan prices? Ow. Just as a reminder, we do negotiations in New Canaan, as well as Greenwich. And here’s an opportunity, because the bank clearly wants shed of this home.

UPDATE: Thinking about it, this should have some impact on Greenwich listings too. Not every buyer “has to” live in Greenwich. I know of a number of unsold spec houses in town asking between $9 and $12 million, and I’d be surprised if a number of potential buyers didn’t decide to head up the line and save $6 million or so. Hey, I’m not wild about New Canaan, but it’s certainly not the South Bronx.

UPDATE II: checking Bonnie Paige’s website (William Raveis’s Southport office) , it seems that this house sold while the magazine article was being prepared. Bummer, but it serves as an example of what’s available. You can check it out on Trulia.


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