Old actors; one wins, one loses


I'm not lifting his wallet, just fondling his buttocks!


On the losers’ side, Larry Wilcox, former CHiPS motorcycle cop, has finally been busted for running a penny stock scam. Glad to hear it, and I hope he gets out, penniless, when he’s 79 or so.

On the winners’ side, Larry Hagman, Ol’ J.R. in “Dallas”, whacked Citigroup with a $11.6 million arbitration award, $10 million of which will go to Larry’s favorite charities. The only frustrating aspect of this latter case is that Hagman prevailed on the very claim that so many fleeced investors lose on: they were all conservative investors, and said so when opening accounts, and brokers proceeded to ignore that and run for the commissions. My clients, if they were lucky, got back what they lost and then had to pay me. Hagman was awarded his full losses, a $1 million or so, plus attorney’s fees of $400,000 +, and the punitives.

Hagman deserved every penny of that award; I just hope that, moving forward, the FINRA arbitrators will afford the same relief to defrauded investors who aren’t television stars.


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3 responses to “Old actors; one wins, one loses

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Larry Hagman deserves SQUAT!!

    He got paid real money to work with Barbara Eden? The most beautiful woman who ever lived after Maureen O’Hara? How is that fair?

    Tell me how many you rubbed out to Barbara? You probably wasted a full year rubbing your rocket to her navel. Tell the truth.

    You and Ms. McBeal doing the nasty? I know you are!!

    Your Pal,

  2. Walt

    Dudester –
    Now lets vote. The problem is you only have 2 readers. Me and Hiram. And I out vote that little ass wipe all day long.

    But these are all spank worthy hotties.
    Your Pal,

  3. Fake Walt

    Bro! It’s been a while. I see “Walt” is being his silly old self. Anyways, you didn’t mention Estrada. He was no pussy . He crashed the Kwacker while filming in 1979 and the 900lbs bike landed on him then landed him in hospital for 10 days. But he never missed any filming and fought back to fitness with a punishing schedule of 240 sit-ups and 120 push-ups a day.

    The reason why the bike was so damned heavy was because of all the crap added to make it look like a police bike. He even kept junk food in a little plastic lunch box in his pannier further adding to the weight. And Ponch was very fond of Tutti-Frutti ice cream, remember?

    Anyways, the other day I was flying in from London 1st class nacht! Eric Estrada was on my flight. And I had to say something. I said, ‘Hey, you’re the guy from “Chips.”‘ He said, ‘Yes. Would you like another drink before we land?

    Off to Sag Harbor

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt