More on Ferdinand Styer and Mountain Works

I have praised Ferdinand’s work before, and several readers of this site have written to thank me for introducing them to him. Here’s another. Ferd’s contact info is (203) 216 – 3329. Or You can’t possibly go wrong. That’s Mountain Works.

Dear Chris,

I just wanted to write a note to thank you for posting a recommendation for Ferdinand Steyer of Mountain Works. We wanted to gut our half-finished basement and create a usable space. After gathering a number of estimates, we chose Mr. Steyer, who was neither the least nor the most expensive. Mr. Steyer was in control of the entire project, from obtaining permits, finding the right subcontractor for the wine cellar (he presented us with a few choices) on through the finished product. We now have a beautiful, brand-new bright finished basement that turned out better than we had ever imagined. Since then, Mr. Steyer has worked on a host of different projects in my house, from the complex to the simple. Mr. Steyer has also become the go-to guy for the rest of my family who live in town and has done major (and minor!) projects for them as well.

Feel free to forward my name and number to anyone who might be looking for a builder’s recommendation. I’d be very happy to vouch for Mountain Works.

I have the writer’s contact information, if you’d like to speak with her, but I think the letter speaks for itself. If you’re curious, Ferdinand is a close friend whom I’ve known since 1994, but that’s it: we have a friendship, not a business relationship. He’s just someone I admire very much.

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  1. Greenwich Old Timer

    What a coincidence! I have been a silent lurker for many months and duly noted your recommendation of Ferdinand after the major storm in March (wherein a falling tree flattened our truck in the driveway in addition to some other relatively minor damage). My husband and I just got around to calling Ferdinand about the remaining very minor repairs and we just met with him this afternoon. What a delightful guy (we also liked his dog, Seamus). We think we have not only found a great “handyman” but also a very entertaining new acquaintance! Thanks, Chris.