Stamford man busted for illegal use of a hand-held

Nasty boy.

(h/t. Pulled Up)


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9 responses to “Stamford man busted for illegal use of a hand-held

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Gee, thanks so very much for sharing…

  2. Pinzgauer

    So I guess a man’s vehicle is not his castle, legally speaking? Do you give up all your rights to privacy once you are in your car?

  3. Fred2

    I can see the PSA now…. don’t drink and , er… you know.

  4. anon

    Maybe he was really enjoying the falling prices in fairfield

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    Here’s an implausible defense: He was worried about possible Priapism after suffering an unrelenting stiffy for the past 3.5 hours when he heard a Boston Medical Group ad on the radio as he was driving home.

  6. Retired IB'er

    Quick send the link to Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. She can use it to point out the evils of masturbation, a key plank of her politiical platform.

    Maybe it will turn around her hopeless candidacy… not (thank God).

  7. Priapus

    Lotta libs wan king on here. Remember, November 2, take out the trash.