Two nice houses, but completely different

The open house tour today yielded two nice surprises.

331 Round Hill Road

The original parts of this house go back to 1758 and I love it. Wide floorboards, quirky rooms, four acres nice pool. A little noisy due to Round Hill Road, but whatcha gonna do? I’d buy it in a heartbeat but I. alas, am not the market – in fact, the more I like a house, the longer it seems to stay on the market. But if you like old houses (and this one has been renovated over the years, have no fear), you should see this one. $4.1 million asking.

16 Lauder Lane

This house on Lauder (off Zaccheus Mead) is just as nice in its own way. I don’t want to insult the owner, but its decorating reflects the year it was built: 1991, and I think you’d want to redo it. But it’s dropped from $6.650 to $5.975, close to its assessment of $5.647, so you can afford to redecorate it. Besides, who doesn’t want to do that with any house? Good location, nice street, and a great looking house. I liked it.


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5 responses to “Two nice houses, but completely different

  1. What’s the Round Hill Road house assessment?

    • i’ll have to get back to you on that, Bill. But the price isn’t necessarily crazy, depending on your taste for old homes. I personally would pay a premium for a house of this age, if I could afford it. But alas, most buyers these days want something new. Mark Mariani or an unknown builder from 1758? I know my choice, but Mariani’s got two houses going up on Meadowcroft and will probably sell both long before this one moves. With luck, Mariani will reverse his single house plan so that the the two will look slightly different.

  2. On the outside looking in...

    Wasn’t 16 Lauder going to an auction not so long ago?

    • Outside, I was told by the listing broker that that was a $12,000 mechanic’s lien that the owner ignored – never a good idea – and has been resolved. I haven’t checked the underlying documents so I can’t say for certain that that’s true, but it probably is – the agent’s a trustworthy soul.

  3. Anonymous

    IMHO a house on Meadowcroft Rd is MUCH better located than 331 RHR. Pay your damned premium if you must for an ancient, though renovated, building hard by a busy road, but I’d much rather buy a newly-built home (even if it’s by Mariani) on a great cul-de-sac, than that creaky old noise-ridden place you prefer, CF.