Nor’easter coming in tonight


There goes the damn fishing!

Big storm tonight and tomorrow. The first nor’easter of the season seems to signal the end of striped bass and bluefish catches, and the action switches to bottom feeders like blackfish and scup. At least that’s my experience. It’s been almost twenty years since I’ve had a child there, but memory tells me that this first storm always fell right around parent’s night at St. Paul’s nursery school. Anyone out there know when that’s scheduled? Just curious.



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  1. We reel in alot of tautog in RI and I prefer it to bluefish/bass. It’s lighter and easier to prepare. What did you do with all the fish YOU caught the other day?

    • I grilled two whole porgies, EOS, with just salt, pepper and some herbs and a lemon slice stuffed in the cavity. Not bad – pretty good, in fact, but not as good as some that I cooked last year in a salt crust (flour, salt and water in a paste). I hope to go out again in two weeks and if successful, I think I’ll do the salt crust again.

  2. Every once in a while we dredge the tautog in RI cornmeal (the kind used for jonnycakes) then sauté them in a frying pan. Nine times out of ten, it’s grill, baby, grill, with a swipe of olive oil and some sea salt. Mmmmmm.

    I was just reminiscing with my hubby that this is the last weekend of the Vineyard Bass and Bluefish Derby. He was a fisherman on a mission in the days we lived there, waved goodbye to me and hung out on the beach, unshaven for days, determined to take home the grand prize. His claim to fame was using a fly-rod in the ocean and won a couple of daily prizes. Aaah, to be young and irresponsible again. What fun we had.

    • EOS, I too lived to surf fish when I was young and stupid.I had a VW microbus back then and I’d just prowl the coast, from Pt. Judith, Chappaquiddick on up to Maine. In those days, I used a Penn reel and lures. Later on, I discovered saltwater fly fishing and had even more fun. Tough getting old, but I wonder how much of that is in our heads? I’m all of 57, and clearly am still capable of tossing a friggin artificial fly out over the water. I hereby vow to get back into life.

  3. For my hubby, fishing is one of the critical components of staying mentally and physically young. I think he’d curl up and die if he couldn’t get out on his favorite rock perch regularly. It’s his time to problem solve and to appreciate the beauty around him. He’s been “green” his whole life, always maintaining a garden, always fishing, and in the summer we are self-sustaining. (oops, we do buy gin, tonic and limes!). How funny if you and I were standing on the same Chappy beach lo those many years ago. I lived on Chappy, almost at Wasque Point. It was nirvana.

  4. Chimney

    Not to nit-pick, but it is supposed to be a norwester- a lot different result with the tide.

  5. Someone better tell the forecasters that news Chimney. Both Accu-Weather and headlines are calling it a Nor’easter.

  6. Chimney

    Very clever CF, getting NOAA to change their forecast to fit your blog! Did you get my email re Obummer’s new gun registration and tax?

  7. New in Town

    To answer your St. Paul’s question, they just had their final parent’s information session last night.

  8. happy in riverside

    The real answer to the St. Pauls question is that the open house for current parents is Wednesday of next week – the 20th….

    • Yeah, Happy, I believe that’s what I was remembering. Do they still have the kids producing plastic plates during the year? I used to joke with Nancy that our collection of six such plates, two for each kid, one per year, was our most expensive set of dishware – $15,000 +, cumulative 🙂

  9. happy in riverside

    Ahhh yes… we’ve got quite the collection of painted flower vases for mother’s day, beach buckets with kids names on them and the plastic plates. What is priceless is having my older kids come back to pick up their sibling and having all of the old teachers crowd around like aunties telling them how big/smart/beautiful/grown up they are. A very nice community to be a part of.

  10. ol salty

    Chris; remind me to tell you about the 54lb striper I caught in the cove at Tods Point. Low tide to boot.