Slowly, oh so slowly

28 Windrose Place

This Mead’s Point home started off two years ago asking $17.5 million and has been falling ever since. Today it got a new broker and a new price: $9.85 million. At least that’s closer to the assessed value of $8.3. What were these people thinking?


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21 responses to “Slowly, oh so slowly

  1. Anonymous

    Chris, did you ever hear what 2 Windrose sold for at auction?

  2. I can’t tell from the puny photo, is the entire roof a widow’s walk? Looks like it has railings.

  3. Anonymous

    This home was built by the Bennetts, founders of Caldors — believe both have now passed and this is in their estate.

    • The Bennetts were a wonderful local success story. Anon, and I remember them. They started, I believe, in a second floor store in Port Chester after WW II, and by the time I was a kid in the mid sixties had expanded throughout New England. What’s now Walgreens in Old Greenwich (Post Rd) still remains Caldors in my mind. I recall them selling out – to Allied? I don’t remember – when they got older, and was very sorry to see the buyer run the chain into bankruptcy. But the Bennetts got their money, so good for them. I still miss Caldors, and for that matter, Woolworths which, coincidentally, started in Pal Nancy’s hometown of Watertown, NY.

  4. Chimney

    Cal Bennett’s parents used to run a little deli on the far corner of Manero’s in the early 1950s- I can still remember how proud they were of Cal just beginning a new business in Port Chester called Caldor, which was the combination of Cal and Dorothy’s names.

  5. towny

    Bought a .30 cal carbine and an M-1 garrand at Woolworths.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    Watertown N.Y? How did you meet a squeeze from there? You ever been there? Snow capital of the U.S., I think. Got snowed in in a Holiday Inn up there for 2 days in my college years, while on my way to Canada. And what a sad, dreary place. Everything was old, dilapidated and grey. Just like you!!! Now I get it!
    Your Pal,

    • Walt – after law school, I dragged poor Pal Nancy up to Bangor Maine, where I hunted and skied from the back door and had a great old time. When nancy complained about Bangor I’d say, “but it’s pretty much like Watertown” and she’d point out, “I moved from Watertown”. I’m amazed we’re still good friends.
      But hell yes, that snow in Watertown is amazing! 12′ drifts! I loved it.

  7. Is there any other way of referring to Nancy other than Pal? We all know she’s your ex and the mother of your children and that you remain pals and she lives two doors up/over, yada-yada, but there’s something about that word that isn’t right. It comes close to being offensive. I’m sure you don’t mean it to because you always speak about her glowingly……but……

  8. plover

    how about just plain nancy?

  9. Maybe ‘offensive’ is too strong. Chauvinistic? I don’t know how to explain it other than it’s always bothered me. But hey, if Pal Nancy doesn’t mind, who am I to care. What sayeth she?

  10. Walt

    I don’t find “Pal” Nancy offensive in the least. She is your pal, so thats a good thing. I sign off as your Pal all the time. And I think you are a load. Which you are. It is your overall writing style that I find offensive, not how you refer to people. And I have learned to cope with that. So all is right in the world.
    When does Bambie snuffing season start?
    Your Pal,

  11. Real Torme

    We all know “Walt” is really Pal Nancy (you load)

  12. missy

    Carl Bennett is alive and well. His wife died about two years ago from a long illness. He sold Caldor’s for more than $300 million in the early 80’s and went into commercial r.e. He recently donated the outdoor gardens and the senior acute care wing at Greenwich Hospital and has made numerous donations to Stamford Hospital. He is a very generous and kind man.

  13. Coincidence –

    Just walked through the outdoor garden space for the first time two hours ago, and highly recommend this delightful improvement to Greenwich, which can be accessed by stairs from Lake Ave or from the corner on Perryridge. Untold numbers of Greenwich residents breathed their dying breath in the airspace overhead, in the old South Wing.

    This corner was previously famous for the employment by Greenwich Hospital of a professional water witcher to divine a proper well location during the drought of the 1980’s. Didn’t work too well.

    This corner also suffered an underground fire in its transformer vault, so it’s a spooky place.

    The current Greenwich Citizen has a write-up of Dr. Dickerman Hollister’s talk at Christ Church on “Can Prayer Heal.” (This from the oncologist, who was raised a Christian Scientist.)

  14. fred

    your ex neighbor?