I sympathize

Riverside, Old Greenwich residents complain about speeders on Sound Beach Avenue. It’s true that the Lockwood Road (Riverside) and Center Drive (Old Greenwich) intersection at Sound Beach is a busy place. I’m not sure if there’s an answer, though. I thought it a huge improvement when Greenwich posted signs at all our crosswalks reminding drivers that state law requires them to stop for pedestrians. Before then, it often seemed as though I was the only driver in town who knew that, judging from the furious honking I’d receive when honoring the law. The signs have cut down those angry protests quite a bit.

But the folks interviewed in this Greenwich Time article are quite correct: a lot of motorists still scream through crosswalks, oblivious, so teach your children what I taught mine when they were learning to drive: assume that everyone else on the road is a homicidal maniac, and act accordingly.


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4 responses to “I sympathize

  1. Me Firsts

    CF you are dying breed in Greenwich.

    The Me Firsts who have moved in to validate their position in the food chain forgot to bring a few things in their luggage like common courtesy and good manners.

    Greenwich has turned into another crappy enclave like rude Rye, lousy Larchmont, and selfish Scarsdale. The village of OG has only a few real stores left.

  2. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Monsieur CF, when drivers see a long, straight, flat, wide road, with houses set back a ways, their brains tell them its safe to speed. One inexpensive solution is to narrow the lanes. As we say en France, ” La peinture est très bon marché.”

  3. Anonymous

    radar triggered pumpkin launchers.

  4. Old Green Warlock

    My contrarian view on the crosswalk signs: confusing and dangerous. Out-of-towners think they are weird CT stop signs and jam on the brakes — been in several near rear-end collisions due to this confusion. Also, do the signs mean stop for pedestrians IN the crosswalk? or pedestrians waiting at the edge? Anyone know? Either way sign is confusing on that score, and I’ve had pedestrians cut me off because they assume they have the right of way and blithely enter the crosswalk when clearly they should be waiting for a car already in motion and too near the crosswalk to stop even when travelling at the speed limit. Common sense is don’t speed in our neighborhoods, and if a pedestrian is crossing the road, stop and yield. I don’t need the state to tell me to be careful, courteous and stop.

    And I’m also not a fan of the impromtu cardboard signs that have popped up on Sound Beach (they were on Tomac last year) to say Slow Down. Amateur and temporary. In my old neighborhood I went out and bought an official yellow and black metal street sign that said “Children at Play” with a big metal pole, and installed it myself by the side of the road. It’s still there 10 years later.