Merkel: Multicultural society in Germany is an “utter failure”

Learn German or leave. Except in the United States, people are awakening to the fact that they don’t have to stand by idly and watch their country implode. Interesting.

In August, Thilo Sarrazin, a senior official at Germany’s central bank, said that “no immigrant group other than Muslims is so strongly connected with claims on the welfare state and crime”. Mr Sarrazin has since resigned.


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21 responses to “Merkel: Multicultural society in Germany is an “utter failure”

  1. Anonymous

    All immigrants aren’t created equal
    Germany lacks a Stanford or Berkeley to attract smartest immigrants to its engineering grad schools
    And Germany is unable to create Apples or Googles to attract or retain any smart engineers, immigrant or native
    Any First World country only needs a few 1000 unskilled illegals to clean toilets, drive cabs and do landscaping: jobs which unskilled natives (both white and non-white) on welfare refuse…and unionized government jobs are far more costly welfare than food stamps…

  2. CatoRenasci

    Deutschland Erwache!

    I’m no fan of multikulturalismus, but in Mittel Europa this sort of thing has a habit of turning out badly….

  3. just_looking

    I still remember the diversity training that I attended years ago (corporate requirement) and one of the slides they put up I found remarkable, but I suppose that I was not supposed to notice it. The ‘graphic’ should that as diversity increased productivity went down. I questioned the presenter (to the horror of the others present) and was told that the answer shown on the next slide was that ‘strong leadership with a diverse work force’ outperformed the others. But, I continued, if leadership was average, productivity decreased as diversity increased, and how can we assume that our leadership is exceptional? Because, according to the data presented, only in the presences of superior leadership did diversity have added value instead of negative. Yes, I did not make any ‘friends’ there and was not long for that job, but the data and information has stuck in my mind ever since.

  4. sad

    You are missing the difference between the US and places like Germany.

    We are a nation of immigrants. All of my grandparents came from Ireland. 100 years ago people hated the Irish. Today people hate the “Mexicans”.

    There’s a big world out there. Not everyone has to speak English (note: its not called “American”).

    • I agree sad. My ancestors were French, Dutch, Austrian, Irish, Scotch and who knows what else? And I have (distant) cousins who were Mexican. Today, we’re all Americans and that’s a grand thing. I also agree with a previous commentator who pointed out that these attitudes in middle Europe tend to produce bad endings. That said, there’s turmoil over there.

  5. Anonymous

    “Anyone who does not immediately speak German”, she [Merkel] said, “is not welcome”.

    With this one statement Merkel displays the enormous cojones that her more effeminate counterpart in the US lacks.

    Can anyone here even imagine Obama and his ilk having guts enough to make a similar statement: Learn English or get out!

    No, they’re too busy requiring that all government communications, including voting materials, are available in Spanish so that Spanish speakers needn’t bother learning English.

    I’m sick of hearing the ubiquitous “Press 1 for English, press 2 para Español.” Before you know it, it will be “Press 1 para Español, press 2 para otros.”

  6. Anon

    To Sad –

    I agree with you about embracing – but I think immigrants of 100 years ago had a more “can do” attitude toward trying to assimilate, rather than waiting for things to come to them in their native tongue. Maybe they weren’t always made to feel comfortable – but isn’t it exactly that feeling that gave them the impetus to move forward bootstrap-wise and assimilate?

    My mom came here as a nurse from Ireland – and my brother and I both went to ivy league schools (he to harvard, and me to a lesser one), not because we were brilliant – we were fairly smart, but couldn’t have done anything without her behind us.

  7. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Monsieur de la Fontagne: When les touristes come to France et ne parlent pas français, nous avons mis des choses désagréables dans leur soupe.

  8. Anonymous

    There’s a difference when it is an ethnic homeland that is under siege from high immigration versus a nation already under the control of an immigrant country. Do you really think the natives of the Americas would have let all of us foreigners into their land reducing them to a tiny demographic willingly? It’s not like we see reciprocal treatment in the lands that supply the majority of the immigrants to Europe. Nor are the birth/death rates comparable. One of the main reasons Turkey hasn’t been accepted into the EU. No one wants to become a minority in their own land. Just like no man is going to let another man come into their home and take over. Resentment is a natural human reaction, and will be until the day we have inter-mixed to the point where we are all the same. Then we’ll just find other ways to discriminate, a natural human condition. Too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, too poor, too rich, too this, too that.

  9. Priapu

    I too come from immigrant parents. However, there is a large difference between today’s population and those of the early 20th century. And this is from first hand tales.

    First, those immigrants were also hated. All of em. The spica, degos, kikes, etc. All of em. Archie bunker wasn’t created by Pixar from thin air. But here’s the difference. Those immigrants had “buy in” mentalities. They tried to learn english. They tried to drop the accents. They tried to maintain their heritage but FIRST And FOREMOST tried to assimilate. They were embarrassed to be on welfare. They were givers and not takers. And there are distinct cultural differences that make upward mobility from menial labor difficult. For example, in a Mexican household, it is CULTURALLY expected that as soon as one can, a boy or girl works to earn money and further education is frowned upon. No judgement here, just pointing out the facts as I have been told them many times from living in California for 25 years and employing quite a few.

    Additianally, now that we have a tax system where nearly HALF of all residents par NO, zero, nadda, taxes, there is no systemic “buy in” for most of these people. As you understand incentives and human natures, it seems quite obvious that ” no skin in the game” , be it financial or military, as was the case in the early
    1900s, means a less committed population. Diluted as it were, but in spirit, not in blood. One doesn’t become an American by being deemed so, or by landing here, but by assimilating, and living it to the core of ones character. To believe otherwise is living Pixar, not reality.

    In short, no skin in the game means no ownership of both problems and successes. And that is true
    regardless of the color of that skin. That thread is just human nature. And what the bleeding heart libs just don’t get. Unearned wealth and opportunity is always wasted. Why do you think nearly all lottery winners end up where they began?( Excuse the typing, iPads, while wonderful, have the annoying auto fill.)

  10. anonymous2

    I’ve always thought that multiculturalism and the smarmy diversity cult were rather like global warming: that is the reincarnation of a rejected ideology dressed up in new clothes. The grassroots rejected radical environmentalism so our betters told us climate change meant death. We rejected forced bussing and quotas and they slapped us with diversity and multiculturalism.

    I’ve often wondered how much damage all this has done to race and ethnic relations. My patience snapped when my employer required a “harassment” course where we were told it was verboten to express criticism of Somalia because it might offend a naturalized Somali immigrant. At that point I concluded that with whites so officially despised and always wrong it might be to my advantage to put a sickly smile on my face and never again have a conversation about anything more substantive than the weather with a minority/foreigner. That was five years ago and I have no regrets.

    I’m not surprised by Merkel’s comments. The day when we reject forced tolerance for the intolerable and coerced respect for that which is not respectable is long overdue.

  11. fred

    Multicultural society in Germany is an “utter failure”- merkel

    Hitler said the same thing!

    Dust off the zyklon B and stoke up the ovens!

  12. Red

    Funny how some people on this board believe their own ancestors and ethnic groups were so supportive of the US government when THEY arrived here, back in the 18th or 19th centuries.

    It was easy to “immigrate legally” when there were no immigration laws, right? And as for “buying in”, there was no Federal income tax until 1913, except for the 1861-1872 civil war period. So how exactly did many of your ancestors do any more to support the US than pay sales/excise taxes and property taxes? The present-day Mexicans some of you scorn also pay sales tax at Wal-Mart, and underlying property taxes through rent.

    And while I am on a caffeine roll — how many poor European immigrants came to the US in the 19th century lured by the tales of free homestead land, courtesy of our government? Heck, back then a migrant worker could actually cross over mountains and deserts with his family, then settle down and farm his own land! The nerve!

    All I ask is that some of you keep some perspective, and some compassion, for fellow human beings.

  13. Peg

    Priapu nailed it.

    Some of today’s immigrants are cut from the same cloth. Some, however, seem to think that it is our nation that must change to fit their culture, religion, language and needs – and not the other way around. Plus – that lack of responsibility component that is morphing throughout our society is a killer.

  14. fred

    Most of that homestead land was stolen merchandise. Make no mistake.
    The federal govt tried to sell it off-originally. When they couldnt sell enough, the only other alternative was to give it away and tax it. White europeans were ‘invited’ over here with the lure of free land.

    LMAO- You think you ‘own’ your house/land? Stop paying taxes on it and see who really ‘owns’ it. Ha!
    One big f’n cooperative!

  15. Priapu

    Let me be specific. 2 thirteen year old honkies arrives from eastern Slovakia and the Ukraine to Ellis island and had their names changed, were humiliated, and hosed down so they could dig coal mines in wonderful conditions in western Pennsylvania. They were told their wages, and they were deemed fair by the coal coop. My grandfather was crushed working in a coal seam at 62 while my dad was a freshman in college. Oh, and did I mention the sons of those 1913 immigrants killed in Guadalcanal and Normandy so you can spew your liberal high brow nonsense?

    I have personally visited the hectares of land they left in eastern europe that they gave up to come for the non homestead shot to get killed in mines. So, next time you want to cite academic bullshit about home steads and walmart sales taxes, have a conversation with someone who really did give their blood before you try and lecture me about real sacrifice. I’d prefer if you just made your own sacrifices. Until then, a heart felt thank you would be preferable to giving away hard fought freedoms earned by others brave sons and daughters forged a new path, who had the courage to defend
    the world, and do it solely because it was the right thing to do.

    P.S. The previous message required no caffeine.

  16. Priapu

    And furthermore, I have tremendous compassion for fellow human beings. But I’m certain you taught your children that a hard earned success is much more rewarding than a gift received for free. And while I’m on a natural roll, why is it that compassionate people want to give away my money, when all 62 percent that voted for milk toast are legally eligible to send any amount of money to the IRS above that required by law?
    Including Gates, Buffet, and Soros.

  17. Priapu

    And Fred, cmon. Zyklon B and ovens? It’s that inflammatory chatter that prevents open debate.
    Disagree with the under qualified president? Racist!
    Don’t want people corn holing in the mall bathroom? Homophobe.
    Think a mosque called Cordoba is a commonsensical facial to Americans? Xenophobe!
    It’s the opposite of The Wall.
    “That ones a racist, and that one has common sense! Who let all of this riff raff into the room? There’s one that disagrees with liberals, and that one doesn’t like anal! If I had my way, I’d have all of you shot!”

  18. Georgie in Greenwich

    I agree with the general board that today’s immigrant comes in with less of an attitude that its a privilege to be a U.S. citizen and that there certain responsibilities before you earn the respect of the majority. And, if you come in illegal, well you better find a way to make yourself legal by working with the immigration system.

    I am sure many on the immigrants on this board can attest that they didn’t have this mamby-pansy hand-holding of today….for example, English as Second Language in the schools today—-that adds to the enormous cost of educating students—where they give immigrant kids–I believe up to 7 years to receive bilingual education! That is utterly ridiculous. Well intentioned Liberalism that is just stupid and counterproductive for even the individuals themselves.

    Having said all the above, I, for one, welcome immigrants and believe as I’ve heard said, that for every PhD or specialized field (including medicine) we staple a Green Card to their diploma and welcome those people with open arms.

    Oh, and Germany has some of the finest automobilies in the world—and I believe could always use smart engineers and computer programmers whatever country they were born to continue to design the world’s best cars. I think Merkel went too far.

  19. Georgie in Greenwich

    OK…need to modify earlier comments:

    Many immigrants speak little or no German, work in low paying jobs or live off of government handouts at the same time the country faces an aging population and a shortage of highly skilled workers


    The headline did not tell the reality of Merkel’s quote….I TOTALLY agree with her that this wave of immigrants is actually burdening the economy, not helping it….perhaps, she could have better said it…

  20. Cos Cobber

    Gang, isn’t this issue also about something else a little bigger and that is, do the new immigrant groups buy-in on democracy, women’s rights, religious pluralism, separation religion and state, and are willing to put forth their new nation ahead of their old?

    There are no easy answers here.