Pete Seeger: Old commie nitwit


Sorry about all that


WFUV just broadcast a new song from the Helen Thomas of the folk world, Pete Seeger, our old crazy aunt in the attic. It’s a lovely song, decrying the BP oil spill, and calling on God to use us to correct the wrongs of the world. Very touching, including a sweet children’s chorus, and it’s all completely bogus.

Pete Seeger is a raging communist and has been since at least the thirties, when, abandoning his privileged, boarding school/Harvard upbringing, he set out to side with some of the biggest mass murderers of the Twentieth Century. Since then, he has supported Stalin (50 million dead?) Mao (60 million), Castro (10 million) the Viet Cong, Palestinian terrorists, Al Qaeda and on and on and on.

Yes, at 91, he’s a charming old doddering fool, but to hear an atheist ratfuck working over and exploiting yet another generation of school kids is disgusting. He’s a filthy man with blood on his hands, that nice sailing boat of his notwithstanding.


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21 responses to “Pete Seeger: Old commie nitwit

  1. Georgie in Greenwich

    The sword of your pen is never better than when you are outraged πŸ™‚

    I agree with your overall PS profile…but I do have to say, that I did see a show, can’t remember where, and it said that PS with his advocacy and perseverance, over decades, was the person responsible for cleaning up the pollution from the Hudson River….I have say I am grateful for that effort if its true.

  2. I’ll see you those, and raise you these Americans:

    1 American Civil War 1861–1865 625,000
    2 World War II 1941–1945 405,399
    3 World War I 1917–1918 116,516
    4 Vietnam War 1965–1975 58,151
    5 Korean War 1950–1953 36,516
    6 Revolutionary War 1775–1783 25,000
    7 War of 1812 1812–1815 20,000

  3. Cobra

    I agree, Chris. However, Arlo is a registered Republican.

  4. just_looking

    because we are a country of believers instead of fact checkers.

  5. The Duke of Deception

    Stupid fuck went to Avon Old Farms, and that shit-hole gave him some cheesy award last year.

    One of the worst pieces of shit this country has ever produced…

  6. pulled up in OG

    You got a problem with atheists?

  7. Peg

    I know he may well be a commie – but – I still like a lot of his songs:

  8. Early nerds

    Before PC’s, nerds listened to these FOLKS.

    Is the Duke also the former head of GE who dumped polychlorobiphenyls in the Hudson River, Jack Welch.

  9. I got dragged, kicking and screaming, to a Riverkeeper Festival a few years ago. Not only was I subjected to Pete Seeger (Duke, had I known then he went to AOF I would have worn my Westminster hat!!) but worse than Pete, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke. Now there, to use Duke’s words, is “One of the worst pieces of shit this country has ever produced.”

  10. The cave! The cave! Don’t let that piece of shit into the cave!

  11. LLS 2

    what’s wrong w/ RFK jr ?

    i didn’t know there was a political party that supports pollution ?

    • Robert Kennedy Jr. is an awful man. I have a friend who was a very experienced mediator in environmental matters who achieved great success in Washington state and, later, with the DEP in the Chesapeake region. She interviewed with RFK and he said, “why would me mediate? We sue!”. He’s in it for headlines, not progress.

  12. LLS2, what’s wrong w/ RFK jr? Are you kidding? The man is the biggest hypocrite to sail down the Hudson. I’m all for cleaning up the rivers and lakes, so it isn’t about any political stand, but RFK talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. He talks out his a**, period, amen. My opinion of him stands.

  13. YOU hit the nail on the head, CF. RFK’s out there nailing everything else πŸ™‚

  14. LLS#2

    Well , thanks for clearing that up. So , are you guys pro pollution ?

  15. While we are making a list of “worst pieces of sh**,” I respectfully request you consider George Soros. While the guy can’t qualify for The Duke’s entire phrase (..this country has ever produced..), Soros does however top the charts for the first half of the sentence. He was just on TV but thankfully my Sony has both mute and last channel buttons. I double-thumbed to get his sour puss off my screen. As part of FWIW’s full-disclosure policy, I must add that I have stepped into his deluxe mansion on Cantitoe (when he was still married to Susan) and can say, despite his socialistic/communistic approach to finance, the man has good taste in art and furniture. Nothing from Bob’s Discount that I could see.

    EOS is heading into the city in a few, to position myself to actually VIEW the Giants and the Phillies games at my sister’s Time Warner home, and be rested and alert for tomorrow’s US District Court jury duty. Guilty as charged.

  16. EOS-

    During the jury Voir Dire, I have found it helpful to use the phrase “condemned to die” or “I regret that I have only one life to lose” into every answer.

    That usually produces an excused juror, a hung juror, or just a hanging every time.

    Take it from an early Yale man–

  17. CF, why not run a FWIW Top 20 All-Time Pieces of Shit? You could invite your ilkmates to contribute Variety-style zingers . . .

    George Soros–Mal de Merde! (EOS Redux)
    RFKJr–Hypocrap! (Georgie Girl)
    Pete Seeger–Raging commie coprophile! (CF)
    Jimmuh Carter–Just a Plains turd! (Priap)

    Sounds promising, no?

  18. IDAHO

    Having watched PS’S story (Netflix has it) recently (I saw him the first time at UCONN in the late 50’s) I do enjoy his talent. His political views are his own and I respect him for having them even tho I may not agree with many of them.

    No he would not fit in with the upper crust of Greenwich but neither would I!

    Spend a couple bucks see the movie!