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What, no baseball on radio?

Last I checked the Internet, the Phillies were ahead of the Giants, but I can’t find them on the radio. What gives with that?  All I can find is hockey, which shouldn’t even be started while baseball’s still going. The world is ending.


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Wacko in New York headed for the state senate? Maybe.

My friend Peter Applebome of the NYT has an amusing article on a Tea Party/ Republican who should probably be locked up as a sexual predator but is instead in a dead-heat run against an incumbent Demmerkrat. If this is typical, then the elections two weeks from now are going to be tough on incumbents in both parties. I think the voters are pissed.


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Silly and ineffective

Some conservative politicians are demanding that Congress defund NPR for firing Juan Williams. That’s just dumb; I believe NPR’s claim that it receives only 2% of its budget from tax payers. Far more hurtful, I would think, is for people like me to vow never to send them another dollar, as I have done today via an email to my local Connecticut station. That was $130 they’ll never see again, far more than my share of federal taxes sent their way. NPR may be surprised – at least I hope it is – to discover how many of its listeners do not subscribe to its liberal politics. And that’s the funny thing about liberals: they can’t believe that otherwise – intelligent people don’t share their view. By their own numbers, only 10% of NPR members contribute anything to their local stations. If even 10% of those contributors – a not-unreasonable number, I think – are offended enough to stop contributing, we can cripple this monster. I’d be sorry to see Scott Simon suffer but otherwise? Let ’em hang.

In the meantime, here’s NPR’s obnoxious CEO  Vivian Schiller (I’ve read that she’s despised by most in the organization) adding her two cents on the controversy: a class act, eh?

“Juan’s comments on Fox violated our standards as well as our values and offended many in doing so,” Schiller wrote in the memo, obtained by Fox News.

“This isn’t the first time we have had serious concerns about some of Juan’s public comments,” she wrote. “Despite many conversations and warnings over the years, Juan continued to violate this principal (sic).

Speaking at the Atlanta Press Club Thursday, Schiller defended the firing, saying Williams should keep his feelings about Muslims between him and “his psychiatrist or his publicist.”

Vivian, Vivian, don’t you remember Third Grade spelling? The principal is our pal. The other thing takes an “e”.


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The only reason I’d ever want to be President

Obama met one-on-one with Steve Jobs this afternoon. I imagine Mr. Jobs is as liberal as our President, but he’s produced magnificent products for four decades or so and he’s a friggin’ genius. Even an hour with him would be fascinating. For the first time ever, I’m envious of a president.


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He’ll finally prove he’s a Christian and was born in the US?

Obama to appear on “Myth Busters”.

(h/t, Bovina Bloviator

(and yes, I posted this just to stir up Ed Krummich who, by the way, has a suspiciously-sounding German surname)


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Sliding down hill

Walt and Monica Noel were out gallivanting the other night, on other people’s money. H/T, Horsejock, DM

The background. The St. Moritz Tobogganing Club (known as the “Cresta”) has been holding an American dinner each year for past 19 years called “SCARS.” Among its members are names like Habsburg, von Bismarck, Badrutt, Niarchos, al Saud, Heineken, Hohenlohe, Hohenzollern, von Bohlen und Halbach, Jackie Stewart, Arpad Buson, Flick, Furstenberg.You get the picture. 

It’s usually been at The Racquet Club with one long table for about 70 men (mostly).  This year, they spiced it up a bit by shifting locations to Doubles and throwing a Dracula’s-in-New York evening in conjunction with Cresta SCARS. More than 100 attended, including women, and there was dancing too.


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Who laughs last

Just as a reader predicted, Juan Williams has been handed a $2 million contract with Fox, far exceeding, I suspect, anything he could have hoped to earn at NPR.


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Riverside waterfront

73 Club Road

It took a year and a $1 million price drop to $8.995, but this 2.5 acre parcel has a contract. It’s Gideon’s listing, so perhaps he’ll send me on that Elk hunt I’m dreaming of. I mean, he certainly doesn’t hunt so ….


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In which I emulate the New York Times

I just received an annoyed call from the listing agent of an open house I mentioned earlier today. She took me to task for entering her client’s house after she’d locked the front door, turned out the lights yet left the broker open house sign posted. Hey – front doors get accidentally locked all the time in this business, so I (and four other agents) saw nothing wrong with going around back and entering through the kitchen.

Regardless, she asked that I take down the post mentioning the incident, so I have. Of course, now there’s this one.


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Sales price reported, plus a short sale, maybe

30 Baldwin Farms South

Nice house, good price: $2.895. Sold quickly, as it should have, at $2.630 which I figure is just about land value, even though it came with a beautiful home. Assessment, $2.347.


54 Doubling

This one was a surprise to me. Obsolete old (1830) house in poor shape, 0.4 acres in a 1 acre zone, originally listed at $2.295 before dropping to $1.695. Assessment is $1.057, the property is reported as pending, perhaps indicating a short sale – the owners paid $1.5 million for it in 2003.


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Lost that one

Ya don't buy a paper, I'll come back in 40 years and buy your house!

I can’t write about it until it’s officially posted, but my potential waterfront buyer wouldn’t step up to the plate and lost out to a no-contingency, early closing offer for a ton of bucks. I expected this outcome: hard to compete with a fellow with a 100′ yacht and a demonstrated willingness to buy his neighbor’s house for $6 million just to tear it down to make room for a pool. My only regret is that he’s not my client. He was, however, formerly my family’s paperboy, years ago. That’s pretty cool.


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Is NATO crumbling? Hell, did NATO ever exist?

Money woes for Nato. Big deal – I don’t believe it was ever more than a paper tiger. The Dutch used to, and probably still do, smoke dope 24 hours a day while pretending to be soldiers, the French (hah!) haven’t won a war since – well, when did they last win a war?. The Germans and the Brits seem like useful allies but the civilians behind them won’t tolerate casualties, so …..

We can either decide to go it alone, as we have since WWII, or rely on the Saudis, newly equipped with $60 billion of our weaponry, or just give it up. But we shouldn’t count on NATO.


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The Juan Williams debate

Fudrucker, reader “Fred” and a self-proclaimed Muslim have all said that Juan Williams was wrong and NPR was right to fire him. So here’s a test: which of these two passengers would cause you alarm if you sat next to them on an airplane?:

Our TSA, and Fudrucker, would treat them exactly the same. I think they’re nuts.

Anti- Muslim? What other religious group has vowed to kill us, with almost no protest from their so-called “moderate” brothers? Until they speak up, loudly, I’ll choose the plane with the white-haired lady in the wheelchair and let the friggin’ Muslim ride alone.


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1984 in 2010

After lambasting Sarah Palin for employing 1773 as a reference point (liberal pundits assumed she was referring to the signing of The Declaration of Independence in 1776, instead of the Boston Tea Party in 1773), the NYT has revised Maureen Dowd’s  original column, printed yesterday, to  eliminate Dowd’s original stupidity and ignorance. and eliminated the words that exposed her historical cluelessness. There’s no need to read the column now, unless you remember yesterday’s version, because there’s no longer any reference to 1773. I wonder if Gewn Iffle will be fired by NPR for making the same error and thus exposing her biases?

And not to be undone,  the Washinton Post has revised its columnist’s attack on Christine O’Donnell so that the paper is now the sweet voice of reason, and you’ll find no reference to their earlier, erroneous attack.

I don’t know – I’m of the school that says, if you screw up, you take your lumps but then, I’m not a professional journalist like these two.


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Is Jimbo Himes in trouble, or Obama?

Krazy Kat sends along this link: Two days before the election and the best use the Demmerkrats can make of Onummer is to send him off to Bridgeport?


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Are state employees overpaid is the wrong question

Greenwich Time has a data base of all state employee salaries and asks, “are they overpaid?”. The point, as I see it, is not whether these people are overpaid but rather, are they needed at all? We’ve doubled the number of state employees since imposing an income tax, while our population has remained flat. Why? Are these people really needed?

Just starting at the beginning of the Time’s list, I see that we have a “Commission on African-Americans” with two permanent employees, paid $90,000 and $40,000 (plus health care, pension, etc.) respectively. I didn’t go far enough down to see if we have similar commissions for Jews, Huguenots or WASPS, but gee, here’s some low-hanging fruit. I’ll bet you that one guy with a magic marker could save a hundred million in one quick session of job elimination.

UPDATE: Friend and fellow blogger Peg took the time, from way out in Minnesota, to check the list further and found commissions on Latin Americans and “Wimmin”.  I think we’re up to $500,000 or so, without even trying.


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NPR fires Juan Williams for speaking the truth about muslims

He’s long offended NPR listeners (not this one, obviously) for appearing on Fox News, and they finally got him.

More here. I’m sorry now that I contributed to their current fund raiser.


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