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Oh my goodness

11: 08  Texans 6, Yankees 1. game over series over, Boo, sort of, 4-2 total. I would have at least liked to have seen a game 7.

Funny ad right after the concluding out for Mini-Cooper: “the Yankees are definitely on their way to the World Series. They’re winners and so are we”. Well er, sort of.


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How do you sum up a man’s life in a simple obituary?

Mike Finkbeiner alerted me to the death of Charles “Sandy ” Campbell. I knew Sandy as a young, vibrant lawyer back in 1983 – 1988 and, as I told Mike, I was awed by him. He was the nicest guy in the world, and a hugely talented lawyer. I  lost touch with him when I diverted into stock broker fraud and he, I think, left Greenwich for a while, but not so long ago, I needed some sound counsel for a client on a land use matter and tracked him down. He was the same great, gracious  guy I remembered and I had no idea how sick he’d been, and was. You can read his obit to get a brief taste of his contribution to our community, but Sandy far exceeded all that. He was an amazing man.


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Oh, whose ox is gored?

Thanks to a tip from reader DogWalker, we learn this about Dr. Weenie, Nicholas Stroumbakis : it seems that now that he’s grown rich from his judgement against us here in Greenwich, he’d like to see caps on medical malpractice suits, especially claims for mental and emotional distress, from which he profited so handsomely.


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I hate these cases

Call my banker!

Man struck by tossed softball suing Greenwich for millions. Same lawyer collected $6 million of so for that friggin’ dentist who injured himself sledding and claimed that, afterwards, his peter wouldn’t work. Sure, a box of Viagra would have restored his Willy but a jury, hearing “Greenwich” socked it to us. I’m afraid the same thing will happen here, but what are we supposed to do? Gotta fight the scoundrels.

UPDATE: I did Greenwich dentists a disservice. The sledding plaintiff was a weenie doctor himself, a Nicholas Stroumbakis. Geeze, I sure hope no one in town would patronize him after he ripped us off like this.


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Damn those corrupt judges!

Slippery court cancels Heat-Magic game.

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Blogger stats

I’m going to get off my lazy a.. and energize a new blog site but in the meantime, here are the latest stats – still hanging in there at about, I don’t know, 8,000 hits a day? Pretty impressive, to me, for a silly blog that was started in spite after Greenwich Post fired me. I now have the same readership daily, from around the world, that I used to have once a week, all located in Greenwich. As a writer, that’s extremely gratifying.


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At least she could drive in the HIV lane

Pulled Up sends along this link: Realtor drives around town with dead woman strapped in the passenger seat. The body was down to just 30 lbs by the time the cops found it. This is why I make my clients ride in the back seat with, as Pulled Up suggests, one of those pine tree air fresheners hanging from the mirror.


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