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The Greenwich Association of Realtors bestirs itself

Message from my organization’s head, Mr. Doug Stevens:

Dear Colleagues,

No doubt you’ve heard much about the recent zoning changes proposed by P&Z regarding residential FAR, lot coverage, drainage and other items. The GAR Board of Directors believe that the far reaching impact of these changes may negatively effect [sic – I suggest “affect” – Ed] a broad section of properties; their value use and potential. As such, the Board unanimously agreed to take a position encouraging P&Z to delay voting on these measures until there is greater (and clearer) public understanding of these potential measures.

If you’re like me, you’ve supported the good intentions of P&Z over the past fifteen or so years; to limit inappropriate construction and preserve the attractive streetscapes of our town. But you’ve also probably scratched your head trying to understand all of the nuances of FAR or simply question why some of its restrictions (finished attics?) even matter. We’ve privately discussed our objections to many FAR components but have ultimately put our relicenses as Greenwich homeowners and REALTORS® in the hands of others. [Editor’s note: if you understand this last sentence you’re a better man than I, Gunga Din] [UPDATE: A reader suggests that the word Doug Stevens, President of the GAR, was searching for was “reliance”, not “relicenses”. I think the reader is right or at least, I hope he is.]

Attached please find a full page “position”  ad that GAR ran in Sunday’s (October 24th) and today’s (Monday, October 25th) Greenwich Time. Also attached are PDF’s with information specific to the proposals. If you haven’t made yourself familiar with them, you’ll probably be surprised. There’s also a very good chance that they may have a negative impact on your property.

I hope that you (and your family, friends and clients) will attend Tuesday night’s meeting. I believe that we should (and will) make a difference in this process.

In fact, the P&Z has dropped the discussion of this matter from tomorrow’s agenda, so I wouldn’t bother attending – I myself will be in the building, but attending a Clam Warden meeting – priorities, always.

Apparently my group had a huge ad in yesterday’s Greenwich Time addressing this issue. I don’t buy the paper so didn’t see the ad, but it certainly ruffled the feathers of the P&Z folks. Ruffled feathers usually lead to negative results, but what are you going do?

UPDATE: Here’s the ad. I don’t see what’s objectionable about it. In fact, it’s pretty tame.


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There probably should be a law against criminal stupidity

Pennsylvania man calls 911 when he purchased “nasty” pot that turned out to be fake.


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Traveling? You might want to avoid Chicago this week

National Weather Service says worst storm in 70 years due to slam into the Windy City  tomorrow morning and stick around through Thursday. O’Hare’s a big airline hub and as my California-based girls have found to our mutual sorrow, when that airport shuts down, airline flights around the nation get all fouled up. Me, I’m staying put.


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Best news I’ve heard in years

New York Times

Conservators facing difficulty preserving modern art. By cousin Henry Fountain who I’m sure would disagree (Henry’s like that), but I hope they fail and we can all just forget about this unfortunate period of our culture.


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I was taught that, when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging


  • “We found ourselves in a hole that I didn’t dig, but I have dug, dug and dug to try to get out of that hole.”–Sen. Harry Reid (D., Nev.), Oct. 22


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Milbank Avenue sells

309 Milbank Avenue

309 Milbank, listed originally for $3.295 back in 2008 (and assessed for $894,000) has sold for $1.337. At that price, maybe the buyer can afford to renovate this great old house.


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Partridge Hollow

I recently (October 22) wrote about 48 Partridge  Hollow Road taking a price shave from something like $9.5 to the high $7’s.

44 Partridge Hollow

Now his neighbor, with the entirely appropriate name of “Biff”, has dropped his own house from $5.950 to $4.950 million. Assessment is $4.990, so that seems close. Looks like a great house.


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