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Save the date: Saturday, October 30th – free clam digging lesson at Tod’s; where to go, how to do it

Town of Greenwich

Shellfish Commission

Roger Bowgen


Shellfishing demonstration at Greenwich Point

Saturday October 30th at 1130 am.

The Town of Greenwich Shellfish Commission will hold a Shellfishing demonstration at

Greenwich Point on Saturday 30th October

Meet Commission members next to the Old Greenwich Yacht Club (opposite the Chimes Building) at 1130 am. Saturday morning

Bring a wide tined garden fork or potato rake (if you have one – if not we will supply), “wellington” boots, gloves.

Learn how and where to find hard shell clams, soft shell clams (steamers) and oysters, what equipment is needed to find them and where to obtain a recreational shellfishing permit.

All ages welcome….bring the family and dig for clams…!

It’s FREE.

Rain date : Sunday October 31st 1230 pm

For further information call Roger Bowgen at 203 243 6364 or Michael Long, Director of Environmental Services,Town of Greenwich, 203 622 7835.

Please check Town of Greenwich Shellfish website to confirm status of demonstration on the day of the event in case of bad weather

This is something kids will love to do – I’d say ages five and up, but maybe younger?


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The basement tapes

The P&Z hearing was far less contentious tonight than the last one. This time, just about 100% of the speakers spoke against the proposed regulations and it seemed as though the Commissioners were actually listening. In any event, the matter was “left open” and it will be a month, possibly more, before it comes back again. I’ll at greater length on this tomorrow.


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Has anyone seen Attorney Burt Hoffman?

Burt in the good old days, when he could still reach the phone

Burt Hoffman is a highly respected Stamford lawyer specializing these days in short sales. Eight weeks ago or so, my clients made an offer on a distressed property the owners of which, or their lender, are represented by Mr. Hoffman. Absolute silence since, despite numerous phone calls and emails from us, the would-be buyers’ attorney,  the sellers’ listing agent and even the owners themselves.

About four weeks ago we increased our offer and requested of Mr. Hoffman that, if the new offer was still insufficient to generate a response from his client or from him, yea or nay, that he simply present us with a proposed contract with whatever price he or his client wished. Still no response to any of the parties who have been so urgently attempting to contact him. Naturally, I’m worried about the man and I wonder whether anyone has seen or heard from him since September. Should I file a missing person report?


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Idiot Yankee fans

Toss beer and spit on Cliff Lee’s wife, yelled obscenities. If she has any say in her husband’s decision where to go in his upcoming free agency,  I’d say the Yankees just lost him.

I’ve attended games in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. New York fans, hands down, are the vilest, most obnoxious by far. I stopped attending Shea after my then 10-year-old son John was exposed to just incredible cursing and horrible behavior (not directed at him, but at the other team) and we had box seats. Yankee fans are worse, if possible.


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Just saving you the trouble

Nevada voters find Harry Reid’s name already selected on their ballots.


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Would our government lie to us?

Our Treasury Department has announced that of the $700 billion TARP bailout, final costs to taxpayers would be at most a mere $50 billion, $5 billion for AIG and $45 billion for GM. All the other recipients had paid back their bailout funds, with interest. This story was repeated just this morning on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Now it turns out that the A.I.G. loss was reduced to just $5 billion by chicanery and deft bookkeeping slight-of-hand by the Treasury itself.  Treasury Department hid $45 billion in A.I. G. bailout fees.

Makes me wonder how often this has gone on down there.


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Okay – the P& Z basement hearings are definitely ON. 7:30, Town Hall

See you there!


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P&Z hearing on basements – on the agenda, or not?

As of yesterday, I was informed that this item was going to be removed from the agenda and a reader confirms that it was marked as such on the final agenda. This morning, it’s back on the Final Agenda. So, on or off? Do we now have a Tentative Agenda, a Tentative  Final Agenda and then a Final, We Really Man it Agenda?  What games are being played here? I guess we should plan on bringing our pitchforks and torches tonight, just in case it is going forward.

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