Has anyone seen Attorney Burt Hoffman?

Burt in the good old days, when he could still reach the phone

Burt Hoffman is a highly respected Stamford lawyer specializing these days in short sales. Eight weeks ago or so, my clients made an offer on a distressed property the owners of which, or their lender, are represented by Mr. Hoffman. Absolute silence since, despite numerous phone calls and emails from us, the would-be buyers’ attorney,  the sellers’ listing agent and even the owners themselves.

About four weeks ago we increased our offer and requested of Mr. Hoffman that, if the new offer was still insufficient to generate a response from his client or from him, yea or nay, that he simply present us with a proposed contract with whatever price he or his client wished. Still no response to any of the parties who have been so urgently attempting to contact him. Naturally, I’m worried about the man and I wonder whether anyone has seen or heard from him since September. Should I file a missing person report?


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7 responses to “Has anyone seen Attorney Burt Hoffman?

  1. Wondering if Mr. Hoffman had suddenly taken a Diane Terry Journey, I Googled him and up pops, in seventh position mind you, a link to this thread! Scary how fast it can happen, that a man, who until an hour ago, was plodding away through mounds of foreclosure paperwork, thinking sh** I gotta call Mr. Fountain, then BAM, he gets Google cred thanks to a little headline written by you. I’m guessing if he finds out about this post, your phone number might get put to the BOTTOM of the pile.

  2. Oooh, you sent him a link and he still hasn’t called you? Maybe he is on a Diane Terry Journey and the two of them are plotting to take over this blog.

    BTW, can you multi-task tonight: listen to the meeting AND update us on the blog? There’s an phone app for WordPress so don’t say you can’t. Island Surveyor can teach you how, he’s the guru of all things tech.

  3. RI Guy

    A year ago I did a deal with Burt, his son, Tom Ward and Gideon. The deal went smooth as silk and the Hoffman’s were great. Maybe you get your kid brother Gideon to lob in a call and seal the deal. It was a very easy short sale process. Best of luck and don’t give up!

    PS Gid and T. Ward were as good as it gets as well!

  4. Thanks, EOS.

    I’ll live blog/comment from my phone app. CF will have to post ’em.

    Tech tip. You can bond a conventional bluetooth keyboard (Like my Dell’s) to your phone, and just type away. No laptop needed.

    So we’ll keep on bloggin’ til it’s over.

  5. peeps

    Although this has nothing to do with Atty Hoffman, years ago I was a receptionist for a large firm. I hated when clients were in a panic mode and I had to lie and tell them that their attorney was in court, or ill, or whatever I was supposed to say to them that time.
    Sometimes you don’t know when you accept a job that you are making a deal with the devil.

  6. Hi Chris,
    I’ve done a few deals with Burt and he’s always been exceptionally professional. Hope your issue gets resolved quickly and smoothly.