Demmerkrats running scared


Nancy Barton and staff flee Demmerkrat clambake on Tod's Point

Yesterday’s mail brought a campaign flyer from a Nancy Barton, who is running, I believe, on the Democrat slate as State Senator. I was amused to see that her solution to our multi-billion budget disaster is to “cut fraud and wasteful spending” – you mean, forty years of running this state and the Dems have permitted that much fraud and waste? – but more telling was that she makes no mention of being a Demmerkrat; none!


What’s she so embarrassed about?


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8 responses to “Demmerkrats running scared

  1. Thaddeus Stevens

    This is a common thread amongst the local politicians (state office). Nobody seems to be identifying their party affiliation. I have to go online this weekend and do a research project to see what party the candidate belong. All of the messages are identical which means that a.) there is no difference between democrats and republicans in CT (which is fair to say, but not like NY – Republican? What’s that?), or b.) they are hoping to sucker the voters into the message and actually vote for more taxing and spending because they forgot to mention that their heart is bleeding. Oh, the humanity!

  2. ed krumeich

    Maybe 24 years of Republican governors.

    p.s. By the way, its spelled “Democrat”, Kris.

  3. FlyAngler

    The perfect photo to accompany this would be the scene at the Cos Cob station this morning. A number of Dem campaign workers (they could have been the candidates but how would I know) were trying to shove pamphlets into the hands of commuters. Myself and most of the riders welcomed those handouts with about as much enthusiasm as we have for the guy handing out the $99 suit fliers on NYC corners.

    But the real highlight for me was your esteemed partner in crime, Fudrucker, walking the platform with a Himes lawn sigh held over his head. I should have snapped a Blackberry photo of it but the train was pulling in and Lord knows I was not going to dally and get stuck in a center seat.

    Good to see FF puts his time where his mouth and ideology are. For that I have to give him plenty of credit, even for a losing cause like Jimbo’s.

  4. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    If I understand the state’s budget process correctly, the Governor only submits a recommended budget to the Legislature who then reviews the recommendation and holds hearings before passing an appropriation bill for the Governor’s signature.

    While a spendthrift Governor may set the bar high, ultimately the “waste, fraud and abuse” charge falls back on the Legislature who sets state agency budgets through their appropriation bills.

    Your point is spot on.

  5. ed krumeich

    To FlyAngler: Who are you? (Don’t worry. This is a rhetorical question. I am not challenging the blogosphere tradition of pseudonyms.) As one of the Democratic “campaign workers” passing out campaign literature to commuters I was just wondering which one you were. You obviously are not active in civic affairs in our town or you would know some of the candidates and campaign workers who have devoted countless hours to making our town a better place to live. You probably are not one of the polite ones who take or decline the handouts with a “thank you.” You may be one of the sullen, silent, self-involved and self-important ones who blow past with a dismissive wave while hooked into their cell phones. I don’t think you were the rude guy who made a point of throwing the literature I handed him in the garbage in front of me. (I know you’re not him because that happened at a different station and I blasted the guy for his rudeness.) You were probably one of the few who let me know you were voting for the other side (which is OK if said with respect or humor). I wish you had a chance to talk with the commuter from Chile who told me he admired the civility of our campaigns; that in his country the military was mobilized to keep order because of the civil unrest that accompanied election campaigns. We chatted about democracy and the benefit of an educated electorate until his train arrived. I smiled as Frank walked by, the human billboard with the Himes sign, and felt perhaps I wasn’t wasting my time after all.

    • Ed, I happen to know Fly, and I’m positive that he was not among those who were rude to you – he’s a classy guy. But while on the subject I, at least, will thank you for your civic activities. Absolutely, we disagree on everything politic, but I’m with the Chilean commuter who sees our country’s crazy elections as a miracle. Now if you can just tell me how to get Fudrucker out of that living billboard costume of his, I’ll really be grateful!

  6. Teri Buhl

    If the Dems can’t come up with better lyrics to help their union reps remember to vote for Blummy – well… I think that’s reason enough not to vote for them.