I’d like to write about real estate – really!

But there’s just no real activity. We have price cuts that still leave properties priced above 2006 levels, and new listings above even that. The few houses selling are, for the most part, those that go for 70% of the 2005 market price. The rest of this stuff is just not seriously for sale, and there’s no point writing about it. If the owners get serious, you’ll hear about it here first. Otherwise, eh? Why bother.


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6 responses to “I’d like to write about real estate – really!

  1. When do we get to know about the new blog/website you have planned? Are you just going to spring it on us one day when we least expect it?

  2. Peg

    Nothing to write about real estate? This is the best I could do on my real estate blog:

  3. Peg: The house on Skyline is beautiful. We jaded NYers’ would say that price is a steal. How do you find time to write TWO blogs, sell real estate, and play bridge? Impressive.

  4. Peg

    EOSR – The house on Skyline is stunning! Even with frozen tundra market prices, I’m surprised it is still available. More commentary on how frozen (literally and figuratively) our markets have become.

    As for all the blogging – easy. I don’t sleep. 🙂 Well – not a ton, and I do just about everything pretty quickly. I’m the only woman who has ever won a national “Fast Pairs” event. Kinda says it all – lol!

  5. Peg

    Oh, EOS – I forgot. I actually do FOUR blogs! What if?, House Logic – and two bridge ones 🙂

  6. Ellbee

    Tell me about it! I’m looking for a house but think the sellers are enjoying some chemical refreshments. Patience…