Jim Himes: thank God for TARP!

The rest of the country hates TARP but in the land of  “Rockefeller Republicans”, Jimbo is making hay out of this great job saving bill. Jobs were saved for high-income individuals, which is fine by me – I  sell houses to these folks, but it’s interesting that the only people who like TARP are the fat cats of Greenwich, because, traditionally, the Demmerkrats posed as champions of the little people. Today, it’s a party for the stupid and the rich. So it goes.


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3 responses to “Jim Himes: thank God for TARP!

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    I am anxiously awaiting November 3rd.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey CF,

    Here’s a pretty good link to an “officially certificated” fedgov website. It shows stimulus dollars spent, and jobs created.


    Riverside, got zero dollars and zero jobs created.

    Greenwich 06830 got $7,695,353 for the creation of 2.86 jobs. (Wonder if any of those 2.86 folks need to buy a house?)

    Ain’t government grand?

  3. IDAHO

    Anomymous’ link isn’t just good it’s great but I don’t think my blood pressure can stand reading it for very long, Our little town of 2000 got about 4 million with 0 jobs!