Never pay list price

4 Juniper Hill Rd

This house on Juniper (off of Stanwich) asked $3.395 in 2005, and is assessed at $2.294 million. Sold yesterday for $2.120.


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5 responses to “Never pay list price

  1. In Real Estate Days of Yore, “never pay list price” meant paying OVER the asking. My, how things have changed!

  2. REF

    Actually Juniper Hill is off of Guinea Road.

  3. In deepest appreciation for the traction that FWIW has provided for my land use policy rants, I am henceforth providing gratuitous GIS clips of your actual real estate musings.

    Usually there is a back story that prompts my interest. No time to tell this one at the moment.

    Here’s the GIS infrared aerial of 4 Juniper with topo from 4/2/2008 at 9:45 am. If anyone needs to ask why is the lawn red, please do.

    I hope you don’t find this aerial peeking creepy, but the government sells these images to the public to $1 for all of the Town.

    Off to Mamaroneck Planning Board…

    You know they actually Plan there. Who knew?

    Best moment of Tuesday’s P&Z train wreck. The Chairman, Don Heller, interrupting my allegation that we plan to fail, I mean fail to plan, in Greenwich, CT by saying, “We plan by zoning.”

    I was too slow on my feet to retort, “Well we adopted zoning in 1954. What have we planned since then?”

  4. Thanks to everyone for asking about red lawns. Land use professionals prefer to look at the infrared images, because tof the light signature from active photosynthesis that is not visible to the human eye.

    By considering what aerial views would look like if our eyes perceived the infrared reflections from lawns and trees, one grasps a better understanding of the nutrient cycles.

    Thus a failing septic system jumps off the page, if you know what to look for. My favorite from another property – nutrient stains on the lawn that appeared to flow from a couple of Adirondack chairs on the back lawn. It was hard to figure out, until I learned about the owner’s dogs.

    Juniper Lane has been the scene of interesting litigation over the Town line cutting up the east side of the road, leaving a wedge in Greenwich.

    A one point the School Board wanted to know where the children were sleeping. On the Greenwich side of the house or the Stamford side.

    What if the child’s head was in Greenwich and the feet in Stamford? How about the other way around?