No joy for sellers here

92 Hunting Ridge

Tear down on Hunting Ridge. Assessed at $1.556, now asking $1.469. Owners put in a brand new kitchen this year, which was not a wise decision. Who advised them on that?

If it does sell, keep an eye out at Green Demolitions – a new kitchen should be appearing soon.

18 Ferncliff

Same story at 18 Ferncliff : another price cut, down now to $1.650 million. These poor owners have been trying to sell since 2007 but they overpriced the place at $1.995 and were then persuaded by their agent to install a new kitchen and raise the price to $2.195 (!). So now, post kitchen, they’re down to $1.650. Assessment is $1.412 – I suggested $1.350 back in 2007 and of course, it’s worth less than that now. Great house, by the way, for a single or couple.

195 Clapboard Ridge

This Clapboard Ridge house started at $4.6 million in February, 2007, and as of today is down to $3. 6. Assessment is $2.36.


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9 responses to “No joy for sellers here

  1. InfoDiva

    Call me a frugal old-timer, but why must that house at 93 Hunting Ridge be torn down?

    To my eyes, it’s representative of the kind of non-ostentatious and ordinary suburban house that made up the bulk of our housing stock here in Greenwich 20 years ago. You could raise a family in it and not have the kind of mortgage or upkeep that had you eating beans and putting off new tires for the station wagon.

    Isn’t there room for that lifestyle once again, in the leaner, saner times we live in now?

  2. Anonymous

    “Tear down on Hunting Ridge. Assessed at $1.556, asking $1.469, gone to contract at what one hopes is substantially below that. Owners put in a brand new kitchen this year, which was not a wise decision. Who advised them on that?”

    “Tear down” ? Your opinion only, as InfoDiva suggests.

    “Assessed at $1.556, asking $1.469, gone to contract at what one hopes is substantially below that.”

    Why do you HOPE that it’s gone to contract at substantially below the asking price?

    Why do you hope that, CF? It seems to me that your cynicism has gone over the top here.

  3. Anonymous

    Where do you see that Hunting Ridge has a contract? Just a price reduction.

  4. xyz

    what else do you need Chris for $1.4? 92 Hunting gives you a beautiful house below street level and a beautiful 5 acres.

    It seems that buyers are asking for too much these days.

  5. Anonymous

    It would have been beneficent of the dear leader CF to reply to the points his followers have raised in this thread, but…

  6. xyz

    Anonymous at 9:39pm : I was being sarcastic. You should have seen the house before the owner did a quick fix to sell. It is a tear down. The land is also the worst piece of land I have ever seen (and I see properties everyday).

  7. armonk

    As I recall, this house is a behind another, larger house. There are wetlands in the back. The septic system may be partially in the wetlands or very close.

    It is a nice house inside and a nice address, but not worth anywhere near the listing price.

    Very low back there with a creek maybe 2 feet below the level of the finished basement.

  8. greenwich resident

    I have actually seen the 92 Hunting Ridge property and there is some information in these threads that needs to be corrected.
    1. The house is not behind another house
    2. The septic tank is not in wetlands
    3. It is not a tear down. The house has been renovated inside and out with new clapboard exterior, new kitchen and bathrooms.
    4. The property is over 600 feet deep from the road and while there are some wetlands far back from the house, there is still a very large usable back and front yard.

    In my opinion this is actually a very appealing New England colonial on a large lot in a prime area and represents good value.

  9. Let’s stop the nonsense about 92 Hunting Ridge.

    Here’s the $1 version from Town Hall.