Oh my God, it’s worldwide

Boredatwork sends along this link:

England: wear goggles when bobbing for apples.

Consultant ophthalmologist Parwez Hossain, from Southampton General Hospital, Hampshire, said dunking your head into a bowl of water to bite an apple was fraught with danger.

He said three people were admitted to the hospital with apple bobbing injuries last year, adding:  ‘Casualty staff have seen children and adults turning up on Halloween with scratches on the cornea and blunt eye injuries from impacts caused by apple bobbing.

‘There is also the possibility of people contracting potentially serious corneal infections from dirty water or residue of liquids if bowls aren’t cleaned properly.

‘At the extreme end of the scale you could end up losing your sight. Admissions to casualty on bonfire night have gone down as people have become more aware of health and safety but we have not seen a decline on Halloween.

‘Where there is a chance of a high velocity impact, for example with an apple, you need to wear eye protection such as goggles.

‘It is also advisable to remove stalks because they could poke you in the eye, especially if you are playing in the dark and can’t see what you are doing.

‘I would suggest using bottled mineral water or boiling tap water and waiting for it to cool down, like we do for clinical trials.

‘This is because stagnant water and tap water could contain water-borne organisms, which may lead to infection.’

Dr Hossain even suggested people should use their hands rather than mouths to play the game, saying: ‘It may defeat the whole object of the game, but you could remove the apple with your hand.’

He added: ”We are not telling people to avoid fun and games but we are asking people to take a bit of extra care while enjoying themselves at Halloween.

You laugh, I laugh, but this is what happens when we are forced to pay fools’ medical bills: mandatory helmet laws, bans on smoking and transfats, etc. When we’re all paying, private behavior becomes our legitimate concern. Which is a lousy way to live.

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  1. HG

    CF, I think you are missing the point. The modern liberal impulse doesn’t view interfering in your personal choices as an unfortunate drawback of the state as payor for everything…it is a benefit! There is no precedent for this in the time of the founders. Jefferson, Madison and the Whigs, would have been baffled by the requirement to post calories on restaurant menus. These are the founders modern Democrats would most likely point to as their ancestors, if they referenced anyone pre-FDR at all.