What did I say about a defective gene?

This from a reader:

you poor dear conservatives can’t help yourselves for opressing women’s right to healthcare, peoples rights to freedom of religion, and the right to asssembly and free speech. It seems that the conservative gene dances the Rand Paul Stomp of suppression,and murding doctors at church, who provide much needed healthcare to wives and mothers.

Taking the Village Idiot’s points one by one:

“opressing [sic] women’s right to healthcare”.

I guess this is about moral conservatives’ opposition to abortion. I’m not of that camp, but I do find it amusing to conflate trying to save the life of a fetus with “healthcare”.

peoples [sic] rights to freedom of religion and the right to assembly and free speech

Huh? Examples, please?

Rand Paul stomp.

Condemned by Mr. Paul and everyone else associated with his campaign. That it happened at his rally does not mean that he endorsed, advocated for or encouraged it. I suspect that liberals would likewise disassociate themselves from the Unibomber.

Murdering doctors at a church.

One doctor, one nut. See reference to Unibomber, above.


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6 responses to “What did I say about a defective gene?

  1. Fred2

    “Condemned by Mr. Paul and everyone else associated with his campaign.”

    Including the guy who did it, who by the by, believably claims (incl witness) that it wasn’t a stomp, as much as a hold because he has a bad back.

    (That and the fact that
    A. the stompee got up ( I do that to you for real and you ain’t getting up anytime soon, maybe ever.)
    B. Stompee didn’t even bother going to hospital. )

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Chris: Actually, Coffee wrote “murding doctors at church” but it was compassionate on your part to correct her spelling. Don’t want to beat a (brain) dead horse after all.

  3. Guest

    I guess the reader who sent you the story is really Teri Buhl. Wee awl noe hough sheigh kan’t speell goode.

  4. Dairy Anne

    All this “women’s health care” business? If this is the old abortion euphemism, is she suggesting that there is some problem of access to or availability of this “right?” That’s hardly the case. And can someone explain why liberals can’t just come out and say “abortion” if it’s such a sacred and important thing? And shouldn’t the charge that conservatives are trying to oppress free speech be given a rest–at least until that whole pesky NPR/Juan Williams debacle dies down?

  5. George W. Crossman

    I wonder if denying “women’s rights to health care” includes having babies at the expense of taxpayers. We have all heard “women have the right to chose” but we never hear “women have the right to chose not to get pregnant”. I could care less about the abortion issue but let the people “who chose pregnancy” pay for it themselves. Once it was subsidized children born out of wedlock has gone up four fold since the 70’s.

  6. Al Dente

    Obama declares Rand Paul “ineligible” after head stomp incident. SHOCKING story at:


    Peace! 🙂