What do I know about this stuff?

Hey EOS, and my other lady readers: Sierra Traders is selling $85 Mountain Khaki pants for less than $30. They’re stretchy, seem durable as hell, and would probably be perfect for my two crazy daughters who rock climb and do that sort of stuff (I’ve got you covered, John, don’t worry). But they only come in men’s sizes. Is that a big deal? Are girl’s pants cut differently and, ignoring that, can you guys wear men’s pants in comfort? These are the sort of questions I should have answered long ago but … any advice welcome.


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  1. My daughters have worn their brothers pants on occasion but (a) they ARE cut differently, (b) the waist sits in a different position, therefore making it (c) a big deal because (d) the crotch is longer on men’s pants (duh). 🙂

    While your daughters might appreciate your desire to save $$, pants for rock climbing especially have to be comfortable. Here’s where our brood shops for such things.


    Sadly, not rock bottom prices like Sierra Trading but go buy a Mega Millions ticket. It’s $140mm. Hey, you never know.

  2. Bookem Dano

    Chris, I took note of your previous entry about the Mountain Khakis and ordered a pair along with a pair of Columbia Lander pants. They came in the mail yesterday and I can’t thank you enough. The Lander Pants were only $15 and they’re excellent quality and have a real nice cut, and the Mountain Khakis kick ass.

  3. Peg

    Check out this page and see if anything comes close to your beloved guy pants:


    Unless your girls are built straight up and down – I’m betting girlie pants will be better for ’em.

  4. Dano: what kind of dog is that in your gravatar? He/she is gorgeous!! Tell all.

  5. Bookem Dano

    Jake is a Katrina dog. We bought him on line in 2005 from American Lab Rescue. They said he was 2 years old at the time but it was more like 5 by my estimation as they make the dogs younger so they get adopted. He was also 90lbs when we got him and he blossomed up to 135 after a steady diet of food. Not all Lab, the vet thinks he has some hound in him and he is lanky with a lot of loose skin like a Bloodhound so that’s probably accurate. He’s a great dog and thanks for asking.

  6. Anonymous

    The Fountain girls rock climb ?? In California ?? Coolio !! Have they told you of any of their favorite places ?

    Before Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous became suburban parents in leafy green Connecticut, they did a lot rock climbing, including quite a considerable amount in California and the Far West.

    • Anon, daughter Katie speaks fondly of Joshua Tree (?) plus Yosemite but she climbs like the monkeys she studies, so Shawangunks, local boulders, you name it, she’s there. It occurs to me that Sarah is more into kayaking and such rather than climbing. It’s hard to keep track of what my kids are up to!

  7. Dano. What a great story. I would never had said lab, I see far more bloodhound or even great dane face. Lucky lucky dog to be (a) saved and (b) have a family who obviously adores him.

  8. Anonymous

    J-Tree and Yosemite are fine places. It speaks well of their souls that they connect to those places. Well done, CF.