What the heck is up with Notre Dame?

20-year-old Declan Sullivan killed while filming football practice from folding crane. My own son John did the same job at his college , so perhaps I’m overly sensitive on the subject, but this kid was sent up on a crane that carried warning stickers that cautioned not to use it when winds were above 20 mph, while in fact there were gusts of 50 mph and greater. Minutes before he died, Sullivan Twittered that he was scared to death. Dead at twenty? Where were the adults?


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14 responses to “What the heck is up with Notre Dame?

  1. This sucks.

    We think we live in a safe and modern society. Think again.

  2. Walt

    Dude Man –
    Did you see this?
    You have to watch it. It explains how Bernie pulled it all off. I think that is him in the video.
    Your Pal,

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Hey Phil: Are you licensed in Indiana?

  4. Anthony Fountain

    Sullivan was an adult, 20 years old. If he were “scared to death,” he should have come down.

    • Here’s the deal, Ants: he was the student manager of a big-time football program, making minimum wage, if that, and some assistant coach ordered him out there. Of course he should have refused, but that would have meant the end of his job, and that’s a lot of pressure to put on an idiot who still has hormones and dreams of glory flooding his veins. Twenty-year-olds should be capable of assessing risk and refusing or accepting it – I’d bet you and I would both have rejected this assignment – but a lot of kids that age would not. And, had you seen me as an 18-year-old building a cable car line in Switzerland taking very similar (far worse, actually) risks, you’d have shaken your head in dismay and said, “take him, Lord, he’s too dumb to survive in this world.”

  5. Anthony Fountain

    Okay, but at what age are they old enough to stand on their own two feet, make their own decisions without “adult” supervision: Twenty-one, twenty-five, thirty? Our armed forces believe eighteen-year-olds are old enough to make life or death decisions, are they wrong?

    There will certainly be hell to pay for this tragedy, as there should be, but unfortunately it will also result in even more government regulations, more rich tort lawyers and more restrictions on our liberties. I can already hear the sanctimonious bleat: “If it saves the life of just ONE child…” Sound familiar?

  6. Peg

    What a horribly tragic story.

    I’m with Chris. Yes, Sullivan was an “adult”. Yet, I shudder to think of some of the truly idiotic things I did when I was that age.

    My guess is that he believed he truly needed to do what the “real” adults in authority were telling him to do… and it cost him his life. Too bad the “real” adults couldn’t appreciate that whatever they were trying to achieve that day, it was not worth putting a student in this type of danger.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Just an example of all rational thought flying out the window when it comes to Notre Dame football. Stupid program run by even more stupid people.

  8. Jane

    Lawsuit, for sure.

  9. Peg

    Anthony, I don’t think we need more regulation. We just need more adults administering a bit of common sense.

  10. Anonymous

    It is a proven fact the the brains of 20 year olds (especially males) have not matured. Judgement is suspect. I agree with you Chris.

  11. Retired IB'er


    I have a theory on this very subject.

    I’ve come to the conclusion a person (especially males) are kids until they are 35. From 35 to 50 they are young adults. After 50, you’ve lived long enough, and had enough experience, to finally be an adult.

    And I readily admit to all this despite the fact that I was a VP at 27 and a MD at 31 on the Street…

  12. Lls2

    Bonfire memorial is kind of creepy. Another reason to stay out of Texas.