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When you get this stuff, just take a deep breath, then press “delete”

Greenwich cops say latest hoax is – surprise! – the latest hoax. No one is throwing blankies over babies or tossing eggs at your car (I told you, the Fountain boys quit that business back in the 60s!) as part of some weird gang initiation. But I must have received 15 copies of the same email and the cops, hundreds? If you get one of these well-meaning emails, I’d recommend that you just ignore it and indulge in a brief moment of feeling superior to the friend who sent it to you – you’re smarter than him! If you just can’t do that, then at least check out Snopes.com before passing it along. Don’t be dumb.


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Pontiac goes terminal

Gone, all gone. I was a hippie, VW and pick up truck sort of guy so I won’t cry all that hard, but my friends had these muscle cars back in the day, and blasting home from the Port Chester bars at 100 mph was, well, exhilarating. Different era.


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Be there or be square

The blessing of the clams

Who needs a Port Chester fish restaurant when you can catch your own?

Tomorrow, Saturday, 11:30 at Tod’s Point (Greenwich Point, if you insist) at the Old Greenwich Boat Club (they upgraded to “Yacht” club recently, but don’t let that scare you away) you can learn to clam, for free. Bring rubber boots. Have a rake or  pitch fork?  Bring them too, but there will be some to borrow. All free, (did I mention free? I haven’t checked, but I’m almost positive you won’t even need a beach card) and you’ll learn where to dig for those huge giant clams that capture Polynesian divers. Or not.

Got a kid who doesn’t want to play third string soccer? Bring that child along, and introduce him or her to the fierce independence of the non-conformist. Best thing you’ll ever do as a parent, maybe, but I should warn you: I dug for clams in my youth and you can see how that turned out.

Oysters and mussels too! Yum yum.


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FISH restaurant scales down to zero

This Port Chester seafood place has done closed and gone. I never ate there but I remember the location. It was next door to Charlie Mower’s Old Greenwich Marine Construction yard (Charlie was from OG, even if his business wasn’t). I worked at the yard summers during college (1972 and 1973, I think), and after work we’d walk over to the dive bar that was to spawn FISH years later, where we’d have a beer or two with our foreman, Joe Leo, and absorb his bitter, cynical view of the world while we gazed at the river and watched Byram River Trout wash by. Interesting times.

I was thinking of that job just yesterday, after posting on that poor Notre Dame student who was killed while trying to film the football team during a windstorm. My brother Anthony wrote in to suggest that kid was a damn fool to climb into the mechanical hoist that was to tip over and kill him. But I remember when I was 20 and worked at the yard, building huge floats for the upcoming in-water NY Boat Show. We’d stack them as we built them – four a day – into 20′ high towers, with the owner’s son, Casey, operating the crane that lifted them while we danced around on top, guiding them into place.

Casey was a terrible crane operator, and we spent a fair amount of our time on towers dodging 1,000 lb floats, 20 feet above the asphalt yard surface. Eventually my co-worker Kenny Carlson and I confronted Charlie and told him that either his son was off the crane or we were off the job. Charlie acquiesced and fired Casey.

But it took us weeks to build up to that rebellion – Declan Sullivan of Notre Dame had to make an instant decision: go up or quit, and he made the wrong choice, with fatal consequences. That’s where grown-ups should have stepped in.

Casey, by the way, was shot to death a few years later, either by drug dealers or loan sharks – I never did hear the complete story. At least one (and maybe a second) nephew is a Navy SEAL and has served honorably for years. Funny how families turn out.


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Some old favorites are shuffling off the inventory shelf

299 Palmer Hill Rd

Purchased for $1.740 in 2005, put back on the market in 2007 for $2.149, dropped to $1.595 and has now sold for $1.550. Assessment is $1.013.

20 Dingletown, spec construction that tried and failed to get $5.150 in 2007, dropped down to $3.650 this year and now has a contract.

200 Overlook Drive asked $2.750 in ’08, dropped to $1.950 this year and is now reported as “pending”.

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A religion of pieces

11:31: Bomb found on plane in London on flight from Yemen.

UPDATE: the bomb in London was found in a UPS jet headed for Chicago. More “suspicious” packages found in UPS planes here in the states. I assume, if these really turn out to be bombs, they were intended to be delivered to recipients before exploding. I mean, what fun is it to blow up a plane full of boxes? Curious.

UPDATE II: Not a bomb

UPDATE III: according to NPR, there were explosives involved, and the packages were addressed to synagogues. Hmm – must be that Christian right acting up again. In a way, this is sort of encouraging because it suggests (to me, at least) that our enemies don’t have operatives in this country capable of assembling these things. If they did, surely they’d mail them from here or drop them off personally, rather than ship them from Yemen. Unfortunately, given time ….

UPDATE  IV: More details here. Explosives, cellphone triggers, etc.


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196 Bible Street, sold new in 2007 for $4.050 million. Sold again yesterday for $2.900. Assessment is $2.713. A beautiful home but, given its location, I’m a little surprised that it sold as high as it did.

26 Marks Road in Riverside, 0.62 acres and a tear-down, is under contract. Last ask was $1.699, assessment is $1.764


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Shhh! Detectives at work

Man and his mistress shot dead in the head. Two shots, one each, in the base of their skulls. Nothing so unusual about the story – it happened in Queens – but  I love this detail:

Sources said investigators are treating the killings as a double homicide and not a murder suicide, mostly because no gun was found at the scene.


Probably took a full cup’a Joe and a jellyroll to figure that one out.

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