A religion of pieces

11:31: Bomb found on plane in London on flight from Yemen.

UPDATE: the bomb in London was found in a UPS jet headed for Chicago. More “suspicious” packages found in UPS planes here in the states. I assume, if these really turn out to be bombs, they were intended to be delivered to recipients before exploding. I mean, what fun is it to blow up a plane full of boxes? Curious.

UPDATE II: Not a bomb

UPDATE III: according to NPR, there were explosives involved, and the packages were addressed to synagogues. Hmm – must be that Christian right acting up again. In a way, this is sort of encouraging because it suggests (to me, at least) that our enemies don’t have operatives in this country capable of assembling these things. If they did, surely they’d mail them from here or drop them off personally, rather than ship them from Yemen. Unfortunately, given time ….

UPDATE  IV: More details here. Explosives, cellphone triggers, etc.


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10 responses to “A religion of pieces

  1. Diane Sawyer just broke in to regularly scheduled ABC programming. All I heard was alot of nothing. Sawyer said ‘Potentially’ a dozen times. It’s still scary stuff, potentially or not.

  2. The Duke of Deception

    Those crazy Lutherans are at it again!

  3. Anonymous

    what amazing timing.

    just days after EU officials complained that TSA procedures did nothing to make US air travel safer.

    just in time for the US holiday package shipping extravaganza.

    this stinks like Janet Napolitano’s BO.

  4. you said: I mean, what fun is it to blow up a plane full of boxes?

    here’s the explanation: a bomb expert can set boxes timed to go off ANY time, not on the plane, but after it’s been delivered. So it’s not the plane full of packages that is the target. It’s the destination, building or persons, that is the target.

  5. Anonymous

    Reichstag Fire.

    The Friday before the election.

  6. just_looking

    I do not believe in the gov’t giving full disclosure to the media. What a great feedback loop ‘we’ provided to the terrorists. If the government were less inept than they are, I am certain that the public would give them more leeway to operate in a more intelligent manner, but as it is they are so easily played it should not be long until we have real serious ‘problems’.

  7. Old School Grump

    I agree with you, just_looking at 8:07. For about 2 years after 9/11, I had hopes that our black ops, or CIA, or some other secretive organization had indeed captured or killed Osama bin Laden but considered it tactically useful to keep that information hidden from the world.

    Silly me, right? I gave that up when it became clear we couldn’t even find the bozo who put the anthrax in the letters. (Ultimately that took, what, 6 or 7 years?)

    What a sorry lot we are.

  8. xyz

    So I guess the negro who lost his job at npr is right

  9. WASP

    You make a good point xyz.

    Imagine a WASP like myself goes walking in Harlem. I would see that people there “identify themselves” as negros first.

    I wonder what that negro from npr feels like when he walks in Darien?

  10. Chris

    look xyz, I am okay with muslims living in America as long as they celebrate Christmas and khanakaka every year.