Pontiac goes terminal

Gone, all gone. I was a hippie, VW and pick up truck sort of guy so I won’t cry all that hard, but my friends had these muscle cars back in the day, and blasting home from the Port Chester bars at 100 mph was, well, exhilarating. Different era.


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7 responses to “Pontiac goes terminal

  1. '55 Pontiac

    This car was a staple of the post wwii era that eisenhower ruled. can we revive this era? Will we ever be able to service our own cars again? Why do you think guys wore white T-shirts and jeans in the 50’s, because they were usually under their ’55 Pontiac.

  2. We watch tons of car auctions on TV. Mecum has an auction in Kansas City this December. You can bid on a 1968 GTO Convertible. 8 Track Player Included! Cool. I wonder how ending Pontiac as a brand will affect prices for collectors. It can’t hurt, IMO.


    My best friend went off to Stanford in 1966. Her father wanted to buy her a car to drive out to California, but all that was on the lot was a Chevy Super Sport with a 400+hp engine, four on the floor. For a 5’3″ blonde, it was a wildly hysterical car. She was already popular (trifecta= smart, beautiful, athletic), but as you can imagine, with the acquisition of a SS, there were plenty of new boys hovering with “car envy”. I don’t remember anyone saying “how many miles to the gallon will you get with that”, not when filling it probably cost $10 or less! Aaah, the good old days.

    I’m still on the hunt to replace my 1964 Chevy Corvair Monza convertible. Teal. AM Radio.

  3. Ahh-Spring Break 1966.

    Drove down to Daytona Beach in a new GT.

    That was a road trip.

  4. Anonymous

    A brand new GT. Lucky, lucky you and your silver spoon, IS. I was just out of high school in that year, and I couldn’t have afforded a used car, let alone the expense of driving to and staying in Daytona Beach.


  5. towny

    What’s there to live for?
    Who needs the peace corps?
    Think I’ll just DROP OUT
    I’ll go to Frisco-(or Veg Lane)
    Buy a wig & sleep
    On Owsley’s floor

    Walked past the wig store
    Danced at the Fillmore
    I’m completely stoned
    I’m hippy & I’m trippy
    I’m a gypsy on my own
    I’ll stay a week &
    get the crabs &
    Take a bus back home
    I’m really just a phony
    But forgive me
    ‘Cause I’m stoned

    Every town must have a place
    Where phony hippies meet -(Binney Park)
    Psychedelic dungeons
    Popping up on every street

    How I love ya, How I love ya
    How I love ya, How I love ya Frisco!
    How I love ya, How I love ya
    How I love ya, How I love ya
    Oh, my hair is getting
    good in the back!

    Every town must have a place
    Where phony hippies meet
    Psychedelic dungeons
    Popping up on every street

    First I’ll buy some beads
    And then perhaps a leather band
    To go around my head
    Some feathers and bells
    And a book of Indian lore
    I will ask the Chamber Of Horrors
    How to get to Haight Street -(Dairy Queen)
    And smoke an awful lot of dope
    I will wander around barefoot
    I will have a psychedelic
    gleam in my eye at all
    I will love everyone
    I will love the police as
    they kick the shit out of
    me on the street
    I will sleep . . .
    I will, I will go to a house
    That’s, that’s what I will do
    I will go to a house
    Where there’s a rock & roll band
    ‘Cause the groups all live together
    And I will join a rock & roll band
    I will be their road manager
    And I will stay there with them
    And I will get the crabs
    But I won’t care

  6. Fred2

    Another victim of the GM.

    I swear to god someone will get a PhD one day for studying how GM managed to destroy so many brands/former companies and somehow stay in business so long.

  7. G W Chase

    Same bars – I was there too. Remember the “living tide” at the Stumble? Sometimes it went toward the bar, then it would go the other way.