When you get this stuff, just take a deep breath, then press “delete”

Greenwich cops say latest hoax is – surprise! – the latest hoax. No one is throwing blankies over babies or tossing eggs at your car (I told you, the Fountain boys quit that business back in the 60s!) as part of some weird gang initiation. But I must have received 15 copies of the same email and the cops, hundreds? If you get one of these well-meaning emails, I’d recommend that you just ignore it and indulge in a brief moment of feeling superior to the friend who sent it to you – you’re smarter than him! If you just can’t do that, then at least check out Snopes.com before passing it along. Don’t be dumb.


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2 responses to “When you get this stuff, just take a deep breath, then press “delete”

  1. Anon E. Moose


    Computer viruses are computer programs with no benefit to the infected host created by clever hackers who create a program which self-replicates and communicates it on to other machines (among other effects).

    Not-so-clever hackers rely on the kindness of strangers to replicate and pass on the useless computer code for them.