Oh, the shame: our president heckled in Bridgeport

Angry children.


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10 responses to “Oh, the shame: our president heckled in Bridgeport

  1. Anonymous

    that’s his base!

  2. Cobra

    What a coincidence…Obozo is speaking at a rally for the Prince of Prevarication, Vietnam hero “Small Swinging Dick” Blumenthal, and he claims the GOP doesn’t want to fight AIDS. Reports are that following his diatribe, his nose began to grow…again. After the “go to” Kenyan shaman in his retinue administered the usual chants, the Messiah’s proboscis returned to normal.

  3. Priapus

    I’ve forgotten to go to the store. I’ve forgotten my anniversary. Can anyone imagine forgetting if you went to war, where people from other places try to kill you on a daily basis. It’s not germane in some ways, but seriously, what kind of a douche bag do you have to be to state that. Moreover, anyone else sick of the term “misspoke” when it is used for tripe like this? I much prefer, lying scum.

  4. Old School Grump

    Extremely OT, but
    Robert Earl Keen alert:
    There was a great PBS “Austin City Limits” half hour with REK this evening. Hope you saw it or can retrieve it.

  5. Bourke Updates?

    Willful Blindness vs. Criminalizing Dumb Businessman Decisions

    Now law firms are creating handouts on this Bourke trial. I think we are starting to prosecute dummies who have been riding the system to their unfair advantage for way too long. Thank goodness a few scum are geting hung out to dry.

    Cadwalader weighs in on this mogul Bourke.

    Click to access FCPA_July_09_revised.pdf

  6. Retired IB'er

    Love it or hate it, it should make you chuckle a bit. Obama with a businessman…

  7. Fake Walt

    All the bases are covered

    Off to Barcelona

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  8. Al Dente

    Florida Election Alert:

    Caponized Candidate Crist is Running as a Woman – SHOCKING story at:


    Peace! 🙂