Why do people do this?

414 Round Hill Rd

This was new construction back in 2004 and failed to sell at $13.9 million back then. It dropped to $9.9 by 2006 and was presumably rented out, because it disappeared until July of this year when it came back on the market, priced at $11.9750 and given a new construction date of 2006 (?).  Today it’s taken a price cut, to $10.950.

I wouldn’t dream of questioning the listing broker’s advice here but it seems to me that if something failed to sell at the height of the market for $9.9 million, then $11.750 in 2010 or even $10.950 isn’t going to get the job done. Assessment is $4.482.


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8 responses to “Why do people do this?

  1. Retired IB'er

    I always knew being a reporter was dangerous business if you were following terrorists or attached to a combat unit, BUT I would never have suspected that reporting on underage drinking in Fairfield Cty was so hazerdous.

    No doubt Teri has gotten caught up in battling the rich and powerful, who, I assume when protecting their cubs, can be very, very dangerous if not lethal.

    Me, I stand by freedom of the Press… such as it is today.

  2. CF, I know you can’t (and shouldn’t) enter the Teri Buhl conversation but I want to say here, as someone old enough to be TB’s mother and who often worried like a mother about her (i.e the direction of her content and even the photo she chose to post on her blog), I am very sad indeed.

    Teri, if you are reading FWIW today, we wish you good luck. We are a motley crew who follow CF but our bond seems to be that we are compassionate and caring. We’ve come to know you here through your comments and writings and feel part of a greater family. If you can, keep us in the loop.


  3. Teri Buhl

    Thanks all – I clearly I’m pleading not guilty, am surprised they went this far to cover up an issue but now I get to defer to a lawyer to speak for me.
    We will have a comment tomorrow.

    Right now this is much more of a case of me not naming sources that gave the documented details of the wall streeter parents enabling the underage drinkers (who are all graduated from H.S. and 18 now BTW)

    Retired IB’er pretty much nailed what’s really going on here.

  4. Teri Buhl

    I see the New Canaan Adverstiser hasn’t even bothered with the story

    The New Canaan Patch lumped it in with other stories and at least printed this is the view of the NCPD and charges are alledged.

    But Hearst CT Newspapers ,who I worked for and have been outspoken about, took a story from New Canaan News and printed it at Greenwich Time. Then blasted it on the New Canaan home page. During the time I worked there we never covered New Canaan local news at Greenwich Time. If McCumber wanted to print a story about my battel with 1st admendment rights and the New Canaan Police why didn’t his local editor call me for an interview? It’s not like they don’t know how to contect me. And there is only one online producer for all Hearst CT news publications, who has my cell number, making decisions on where stories are printed. Why didn’t he call for comment if they where going to run a single story on it?

  5. IDAHO

    EOS said it well. As another who is old enough to be your father I have enjoyed your shoot from the hip style since I first saw it in the GT, hang in there kid!

  6. JB

    I think the assessment of 4.4 is definitely low. This house is really beautiful inside and out.