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Foley – Malloy: I don’t get it.

As I’ve said here before, I don’t watch CT TV and so have missed what I assume was a hot ad campaign, but how could Malloy be behind Foley in a Democrat state and Blumenthal be so far ahead of McMahon?  Blumenthal is a complete creep, whereas Malloy is a personable guy with a decent track record running Stamford. Baffles me.


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Buy a house – and from me, damn it!

I’ve decided that what I really need is a Kimber/ Montana Ultra Lite in a .257 caliber. But I can’t buy one right now, so you need to buy a house. Call me – kill Bambi for a good cause.


Montana .257 Roberts Ultra Lite




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Does Himes survive?

Heavy turnout in Bridgeport, I hear, which bodes well for Jimbo. Still time to stop him though – polls are open until 8.


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Make me move!

247 Riverside Avenue (across from Colonial Lane) has just been listed – no picture yet – for $5.6 million. I don’t think so.


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Budget cutting

Obummer’s excellent Indian adventure: 3,000 people, $200 million a day. We might be effecting an economy if we paid him that much to stay over there.


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Off to see open houses

Patriot Bank has apparently finished the half-completed spec house at 14 Baldwin Farms South and is marketing it for close to $6 million. Last time I saw the place its pipes had frozen, burst and poured water throughout the house, ruining the floors and kitchen cabinets. Lots of mildew at that time. I’ll be interested to learn what remediation steps were done.

UPDATE: it actually came out very well. All the water damaged stuff was torn out and replaced and the house is quite nice now. It still has that crazy-ass swamp thing going on in front which reduces its attractiveness but inside, it’s beautiful. At the right price – and it is bank owned, so negotiations should be expected – you can close your eyes while driving past the swamp and go directly indoors.

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An Englishman who gets it

Toby Smith, in The Telegraph.

Democrats appear set to suffer a historic drubbing at the polls today. But the vote will not be an endorsement of the Republican party or its leaders. Many centrist Democrats will lose their seats, just as establishment Republicans, such as Senator Bob Bennett of Utah, were swept away in primaries by the likes of Mike Lee.

Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman John Boehner, the Republican leaders on Capitol Hill, will be looking over their shoulders at their new caucus, fearing that they will be toppled if they provoke the Tea Party’s ire. Blocking or unravelling healthcare reform will be on the Republican agenda and McConnell has already made it known that his number one priority will be to stop Obama winning a second term.

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Vote early and often

I’ve already voted once this morning, but merely cancelling Fudrucker’s vote isn’t particularly satisfying, so I’ll be gong back at noon and again this evening. No doubt he’ll be doing the same.


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Just sayin’…

25 Beechcroft

Back in 2008, when this spec house was asking $7.950 million, I pointed out that a similarly sized (9,000 sq.ft.) spec house across the street at #16 had just sold for $6.150, down substantially from its asking price of $8.250, and I suggested that the builder of 25 would have to drop his price to compete.

The listing broker took me to task for that prediction and still seems kind of sore two years later. But he’s no longer the listing broker and yesterday the new broker dropped the price to $5.750.


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