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Who’s our Governor?

I just heard on the radio that Tom Foley is ahead of Dan Malloy. Does anyone know what’s going on here? Fudrucker is unavailable, so I’m in the dark.


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Sales, contracts, new listings

29 Crescent in Riverside, new construction in 2007, has sold for $3.375, from an asking price of $3.790.  I can’t remember what my client, Lou Van Leeuwen sold it for back then but I think that’s pretty close. Not bad, given the market. Assessment was $2.418.

118 Bowman, off Riversville, King Street sold for $1.6 million in ’04, asked $1.650 this time around, is now under contract. Assessment, $1.002.

168 Elm St.

This house on Elm Street held no charm for my clients but it’s found a buyer. Original asking price, $1.895 (there’s a joke), last was $995,000, assessment, $927,500.

37 Irvine, in Old Greenwich, asked $2.750 million, dropped to $1.995. has a buyer, price undislclosed. Assessment, $1.306.


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From a reader

Today’s Greenwich Time indicates that the counts at the end of Wednesday were Foley 552,106 Malloy 543,682 and Debicella 96,929 Himes 95,841.  It is curious how the authorities can call both these races for the Democrats while each Republican has more votes.  They must use projections of the votes from the late-reporting precincts and the absentees.   These races were very close.

Obama’s surgical invention/visit to Bridgeport on the Saturday before the election likely won both races for the Dems.   Bridgeport is a Democrat city with a very large African-American population of Obama supporters.



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People with too much time on their hands

San Francisco bans “Happy Meals”. California deserves exactly what it’s going to get: bankruptcy, as its people have voted into office the exact people who have set them up for disaster, but this one is a fine example of why they are where they are. Parents can’t decide how and what to feed their children? The state must do it for them! In fact, the state must control everything, because ordinary citizens are too dim-witted to run their lives or those of their children’s.

That might be true. But for myself, I’d vote to abolish the San Francisco City Council , save a few million bucks, and let those clueless fatsos sort things out for themselves. But Californians see other choices: the best of them are fleeing the state entirely, the rest are sticking around drinking Kool-Aid  in Height-Ashbury counting on the government to save them, Fine  with me – as of yesterday’s election, we can let them rot.


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Soon we’ll all be French

Indian sweat lodge

Growing number of people giving up daily bathing to save the environment. No soap, no shampoo. My father told me that when Queen Victoria took her biannual bath, the Anglican Church ordered prayers for her safety  to be proclaimed throughout the land. It’s  an easy fall from civilization; Roman England circa 450 A.D. had hot water baths and indoor plumbing. Five years later, it was all gone, and it took 1,200 years to get back to that level of cleanliness. It seems that, after enjoying a few decades at that standard, we’re headed back down.

Which is why I’m heading north to teach my son how to hunt for survival.

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