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Today’s Greenwich Time indicates that the counts at the end of Wednesday were Foley 552,106 Malloy 543,682 and Debicella 96,929 Himes 95,841.  It is curious how the authorities can call both these races for the Democrats while each Republican has more votes.  They must use projections of the votes from the late-reporting precincts and the absentees.   These races were very close.

Obama’s surgical invention/visit to Bridgeport on the Saturday before the election likely won both races for the Dems.   Bridgeport is a Democrat city with a very large African-American population of Obama supporters.



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  1. George Crossman

    They were probably filling out the extra votes they needed all night.

  2. Sloppy AP numbers –
    AP reported these numbers which excluded most of New Haven, which swings strongly Dem.
    AP shows less than 10,000 votes TOTAL for Gov in New Haven

  3. Anon E. Moose

    I’m sure “O” and MSNBC would like to spin it that way. On the other hand, “O” spent more time than he did in CT stumpting elsewhere in PA, OH, CT, even his own home state of IL, where his apparent ‘charms’ were considerably less effective.

  4. Stump

    Reminds me of the Onion video (,14214/) of a couple of years ago. Would that it had been true!

  5. ff

    Bridgeport is not “official” yet.its counts have not been certified. All the campaigns know this data – its why debecella conceeded.

  6. Anonymous

    Funny ow B’Port pulls off voter fraud after Obama visit…hmmmmm….

  7. JRH

    It actually isn’t too “curious” at all — if Himes and Debicella are essentially tied before the Bridgeport votes are added to the tally, then it’s fair to project (as the Debicella campaign itself did) a Himes victory, as no Republican congressional candidate has won Bridgeport in many years.

  8. Anonymous

    Yet another update:

    “New vote totals from The Associated Press Thursday morning gave Malloy 565,507 and Foley 559,267 votes, with 741 of 751 precincts reporting — 99 percent of the vote”


  9. Anonymous

    Tom Foley contacted the Secretary of the State’s office this morning to request that any further announcements of election results for the governor’s race be postponed until the results are certain and discrepancies between The Secretary of the State’s office, the Tom Foley for Governor campaign, and the media, are reconciled. In the last twenty-four hours alone, Bridgeport has revised downward the number of votes cast for Dan Malloy by over 3,500. Other cities and towns are likely to revise their results in the days ahead. We understand that Susan Bysiewicz plans to announce this afternoon that their results of the Gubernatorial election are official. We have sent the Secretary of the State’s office a letter requesting that she not refer to her preliminary results of the election as “official” until the results are unlikely to be amended.

    Justin Clark, campaign manager for Tom Foley for Governor

  10. Anonymous

    “From a reader”‘s message at the top appears in blue text and in a different font than usually appears here. I hadn’t realized that contributors could specify fonts and colors for their posts. Could I submit my comment to appear all in red, for example, and in a font of my choosing? Maybe I could add italics and underlines? If so, how?

  11. Anonymous

    Maybe if Foley and McMahon removed all their campaign signs, which are still illegally strewn all over backcountry Greenwich, and are meant to be removed by the candidates the morning after the election, people might vote for them next time. These carpetbaggers are totally tone deaf.