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Recount in Connecticut? Don’t bother

The WSJ says Foley should demand an investigation/recount in the governor’s race. I say, forget it. Two years ago it was demonstrated that voter fraud had occurred in Washington state and Minnesota, yet we still ended up with Senators  Murray and Frankin, the beneficiaries of that fraud. Courts just aren’t going to go there – not after Bush/Kerry (which even the NYT admits was won by Bush), and certainly not for a mere governorship. The answer, for the future, is to get enough votes that a cheesy little corrupt pocket like Bridgeport can’t pull its tricks. Unless we do, then trash bags of hidden ballots will continue to swing the day. Vote early and often.


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Keith Olbermann suspended, to be fired?

I’ve never watched the man’s show in my life, having been warned off by seeing snippets of his commentary, but to lose his job for donating to Democrat candidates? It’s possible that NBC has rules prohibiting its staff from making such contributions, in which case, I guess they have the right to enforce their rules, but this guy is so obviously partisan – which is why I don’t watch him – that no one could possibly be surprised that he sent some money the Demmerkrats way. Big deal. Put him back on the air – dissension and disagreement are what make our country great.


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Pricey digs

Hyatt spending $1.8 million per room on NYC hotel. Wow – I suspect I won’t be staying there in the near future.


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They said they’d do it, and they’re doing it

TSA groping crotches of women, infants.

A week ago, Jeffrey Goldberg quoted TSA goons as saying this was exactly what  they’d do to pressure all passengers to go through the nude machines.

If you understand that all this hoop do lu is security theater, and does nothing to make plane flight safer, then you’ll know that this is just pure bullying. Awful people – let’s fire them all, and bring in the Israelis to install a real security barrier.


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Still no action

280 Stanwich, bought for $2.5 million in 2007, was relisted at $2.750 this year, and has now dropped to $2.350. Assessment is $1.829. Other than that, the only action are three contracts, all for under $700,000.

A reader asked who my buyers are: bottom feeding dreamers or real buyers. I’d say that they’re entirely real, but they aren’t going to pay 2007 prices. It’s the sellers, in my opinion, who are the delusional ones. And they just aren’t serious about selling. We here at EBT represent a $5.5, $7.5 buyer who wanted to come out this weekend to view three specific properties. We couldn’t get a single appointment – one owner had guests  over the weekend, another had a party scheduled for that night and the third’s agent was out of state. All legitimate excuses, but all evidence that they have no interest in selling. So we’ll move on and try to find someone who is.


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$200 million a day for Obama’s trip to India? Maybe not.

Administration says that number is “wildly inflated”. I’d feel better if the Administration would disclose its own cost estimates, but it is true that, try as I might, I keep coming back to the same, sole source. That’s not very reliable.


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Uncounted ballots found in Bridgeport, in bags

Doesn’t say much for ballot security, and isn’t it interesting that it happened in Bridgeport, the city that (a) failed to produce its count until yesterday and (b) provided the margin of victory for Malloy?


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