It is to weep

Story of Martin Greenberg, tailor, who survived Auschwitz and came here to America to achieve success. The idiot Germans killed or chased off their most talented citizens, from atomic scientists to tailors. We are the beneficiaries of that insanity, and maybe we should reflect on that while considering our immigration laws.


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4 responses to “It is to weep

  1. JRH

    I often wonder if conservatives appreciate the importance of the Google story to moderate and center-left approaches to public policy. Sergey Brin was the beneficiary of a relatively liberal immigration law that allowed his family to come to the United States. He received a world-class education at a public university and went on to create a billion-dollar company and create thousands of jobs by bringing innovation to a platform that was the product of decades of public investment.

    If that’s socialism, sign me up.

  2. HG

    Yeah, CF, as you know I am pro-immigration in almost all its forms. You don’t have to look too hard to find some remarkable success stories among Latino immigrants, either.

  3. Cos Cobber


    Socialism and immigration policy are completely unrelated. Many Republicans (in the northeast) are pro-immigration just as there are some Democrats who are immigration skeptics (ie the fight against H1 visas). What I hear and what I argue is that we need to have sensible laws that are actually enforced.

    What I hear today is that immigrants are having second thoughts about starting a business in the US as the regulatory and tax climate begins to mirror the countries they are leaving. For 100 years or more, we have been the global leader in collecting foreign talent looking for better opportunities. I would hate to see us lose that advantage or close these doors.