Ken Walker – why is this man still alive?

While prowling the Internet in preparation for next week’s deer hunt in Maine with my son John, I came across a website for Ken Walker, a registered Maine Guide. To achieve the status of a Maine Guide requires an accumulation of some petty remarkable skills, and when I was a young kid, going down the Allagash River with Ken, I was awed by his personality, and wanted to be just like him when I grew up.

But I learned only a year ago from someone I know very, very well, (no, not Gideon, you lascivious gossip mongers – we brought a number of kids from Riverside after the first trip went so well)  that Ken liked to pork young boys in the comfort of his camp. The incident I now know of occurred in 1967, so we’re beyond the statute of limitations, but Ken Walker, far fatter than the man he was then, is still posing as a Maine Guide and offering “family trips”.  I would not recommend that you hire him. And yes, this is an open invitation for Walker to sue me. Go for it, fat boy.


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4 responses to “Ken Walker – why is this man still alive?

  1. George Crossman

    I was told by a NY attorney there is no statute of limitations with child molestation. I would hope that is nationwide.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, thanks for the full web link to:
    “Put yourself in the seat of my canoe this summer.”

  3. Anonymous

    Chapter 1: PRELIMINARY
    §8. Statute of limitations
    1. It is a defense that prosecution was commenced after the expiration of the applicable period of limitations provided in this section; provided that a prosecution for murder or criminal homicide in the first or 2nd degree, or, if the victim had not attained the age of 16 years at the time of the crime, a prosecution for: incest; unlawful sexual contact; sexual abuse of a minor; rape or gross sexual assault, formerly denominated as gross sexual misconduct, may be commenced at any time.
    [ 1999, c. 438, §1 (AMD) .]

  4. ilsa

    were you a receipient of the wannigan willie?