Family estate sale

8 Heathcoate Road, Scarsdale

8 Heathcoate Road in Scarsdale is for sale. My grandfather Gerard Fountain designed and built it in 1907 and my father grew up there. Father told me  that they kept a cow on its five acres to supply the family with milk. The cow is gone , I’m guessing, but the five acres remain. I’ve never been in it, but we have framed drawings of the place in our Ogunquit, Maine house – in those days, architectural drawings were real art.

The current owner is asking $11 million which, knowing nothing about Scarsdale values or what five acres are worth, seems a bit stiff to me. Hey, he should have called me!

I have suggested to my cousins that, if we were to all sell our houses, we might be able to buy this and turn it into a commune. Maybe.

Here’s the listing. For you Scarsdale resdents, you might be interested in knowing that the new wing on the middle school is named after my grandmother Elizabeth Fountain, the first female school superintendent for the town. As she recounted, some male said, “well, it doesn’t pay and there’s no honor in it, so why not?” She went on to forge the vibrant school system that Scarsdale enjoys today.


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9 responses to “Family estate sale

  1. not so anonymouse

    I’m in

  2. Anthony Fountain

    Wrong house, that’s Aunt Ernestine’s, which Gerard also designed (but not that ungainly addition). His house was next door.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s beautiful. Trulia has larger and more pictures than the listing site.

    You should run over there if they have an open house and see where your father grew up while you can.

  4. Anthony Fountain

    Or Aunt Ollie’s house, I don’t remember; ask Henry or Ed. But it’s definitely not the house Dad grew up in.

  5. uncle ugly

    Anthony is correct. Our folks grew up in number 10, right next door. And it was built for Ollie.

  6. Your family sounds so fascinating – actors, writers, school superintendents, architects, builders….does a family tree exist?

    Welcome home. Did you get caught in the nor’easter that knocked out so much power in Maine?

  7. TraderVic

    Towny’s link is an absolute riot!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Peg

    Thank God you are home.

    Deer hunting? What were you thinking??

    Just head out to my house. Most days you can see anywhere from 2 to a dozen of ’em bounding about.