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Latinos now over 50% in California’s public schools

Whites down to 27% of the population. Interesting, the Latinos still lack political power because “half of them are ineligible to vote”.  I presume that means they are here illegally. A generation from now, that won’t be a problem. For them.



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TSA body gropes raise protests

The TSA folks are fondling children’s genitals and feeling up adults, all in an effort to pressure travelers to undergo the naked body scanners. Passengers are resisting. Our government has gone crazy, and it’s up to us to force them back behind the line of sanity.


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First the deer wouldn’t cooperate, now the fish!

A beautiful morning on the water but not shared, alas, with the blackfish we were seeking. I’m told they were around last week (6 pounders!) but today we had to content ourselves with sunshine, coffee and companionship. That’s okay with me and I had already planned a meatloaf for dinner so …


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Why no jobs? Here’s why

I’ve been looking around for this article for awhile now, and InstaPundit dug it up for me. From June, 2009, how Obummer, under pressure from feminists, shifted the “Stimulus” from shovel ready jobs to social services: nurses, teachers, welfare workers. Fine and dandy, but it’s done nothing to reduce unemployment and served only to keep women in jobs they already held.


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