Short sale

49 A Shore Road

This Old Greenwich house, new construction, was originally priced at $4.2 million. Last ask was $2.775, and it’s reported as under contract today. I’m guessing, but do not know, that the final price will be around $2.2, $2.3, which would make for a great deal for the buyer.

There are more such deals around. Knock wood, I’m working on a house that once asked well above $5 million and we have an accepted offer from the lender at $2.1. There’s still plenty of room for that deal to go south, of course, but if you have cash, there are banks ready to cut and run.


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2 responses to “Short sale

  1. OG woman

    49A is a steal at $2.2

  2. Please keep me informed on this project, if it goes south I have partners in the short sale business that we could make this happen buy it, sell it, and move along it seems like a great opportunity and I know we could move quickly on this. Thank you!!