Wilderness Escape Outfitters

So here’s where I stayed last week. The owners, Randy and Sharon Flannery, are just about the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and Randy is an amazing deer hunter. He’s Irish/Scot/Indian, and boy, does he know how to hunt the Maine woods. Randy still-hunts – that’s stalking, to you and me- and doesn’t park his hunters in tree stands or blinds. My kind of hunting, my kind of guy. After dinner (and Sharon makes great dinners) Randy explains his strategy and technique. Google him, and you’ll find him all over the net, but better yet, go on up to this obscure spot of Maine and learn from the master himself. I certainly intend to do so again next year.


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4 responses to “Wilderness Escape Outfitters

  1. Life is good when you can take a week away and be with family and friends, in a place you like so much you want to go back with owners who do what they do very well. Sounds like you hit the trifecta.

    I’d like to try their “snowshoe hare hunting.” Really.

  2. EOS, I do indeed live a blessed life, and discovering Randy and Sharon just added to that richness. By all means, check into the rabbit hunting – they’ve got a team of beagles, raring to go and more important, you will fall in love with this husband and wife. Great people.

  3. Anonymous

    Sign me up for the “Bear Deluxe Package over active bait.” Bait and shoot? Gotta be even more fun than than that time I had shooting fish in a barrel! (But I don’t even want to think about what the “active bait” for the poor bear might be.)

    Hadda love the photo of the bearskin tacked up onto the wall of a lodge guestroom: great promo for the “Bear Deluxe Package.” Imagine the thrill of having one of those on your very own bedroom wall!


  4. Anonymous

    The “hunters” who posed for these photos are grinning as if they’d defeated the bears in hand-to-hand combat, when, in reality, they had merely executed bears who were attracted into a baited trap.

    You “mighty hunters” of baited bears should be ashamed of yourselves! You place yourselves in no danger, and you are shooting sitting ducks.

    And wipe off your self-satisfied smiles over their dead bodies: you are cowards.