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So smart, so dumb

Criminal manages to flee cops while handcuffed, caught when he used his cellphone in Connecticut. He drove away in a cop car with his hands cuffed behind him, then drove to the casinos with a girl and a cell phone. Shouldn’t we offer vocational training to these people?


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TSA: Nail clippers, emery boards among the 130 items we seized this year

The TSA is lashing back at critics and cites their outstanding success in preventing highjacking. 67,000 useless employees – fire them all, including Napolitino, and abolish the place.


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That Quantas flight was worse than initially described

Fortunately for the passengers, the plane had five super-experienced captains on board. Otherwise, they might never had made it back. Horrendous story.


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Our friends at the TSA

MARK Hemingway: No Union For Transportation Security Workers. “Despite years of imposing increasingly invasive new security procedures, the TSA has yet to catch one terrorist. By contrast, the Washington Post reported in May that ‘at least 23′ TSA agents have been fired since 2007 for stealing from passengers.”

H/T, Atticus. And he’s right – if you hated these awful people before, wait until they’re unionized.


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