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Cause and effect?

New business start-ups down.

States raise payroll taxes.

Regulations and taxes will do that. I don’t mean to trivialize the problem, but another father and I, faced with increasingly draconian rules from the Boy Scouts on how many troop leaders had to accompany the scouts, how many had to be together at all times, etc. etc., finally just gave it up and took our kids and a couple of their friends on canoe trips and hiking expeditions without the sanction of the BSA. After a point, it’s just not worth it. I suspect that small businessmen feel the same.


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The TSA body searches are simply disgusting, and do nothing to add to our safety.Sexual assaults in our airports so that the TSA can stay politically correct? I  sense another Tea Party revolution, but I fear for my two girls who are coming home from California next month – I don’t want them subjected to plastic-gloved goons groping their vaginas. Congress should move fast on this, or Thanksgiving is going to be a horror. I think the TSA was Bush’s worst mistake – worse even than Iraq, and should be abolished, now.


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Why I love Riverside

My neighbors Janet Bein and  one of her gorgeous daughters (I think it was Hanna)  came over yesterday afternoon to present my mother with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to commemorate Henry’s death. Now I suppose that could happen in a big city, but it’s more likely to occur on a small, neighborhood street with five houses on it. Henry claimed all of William Street as his territory, including the Bein’s yard (and house, occasionally) so it was a mutual loss, but what a sweet, sweet thing to do. I so like living where neighbors can celebrate children’s accomplishments and mourn the deaths of pets. We live in a very special town.


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