TSA: Refuse a pat down, pay $11,000 fine

Subjects or citizens? As citizens howl, TSA cracks down. Fire them all.

UPDATE: Homeland Security Chairman asks TSA to reconsider policies. I’ve emailed my Congressman and Senator and I guess I’m not alone. If all this stuff made us safer, no problem; but no one I can find says it’s anything except ‘security theatre”.


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5 responses to “TSA: Refuse a pat down, pay $11,000 fine

  1. Daniel

    Terrorist buys ticket to fly. Straps on bomb and drives to the airport. Gets in line and passes first security check. Gets in larger line to pass through screening. In the middle of the waiting area with hundreds of people surrounding him/her presses button or makes a call on cell phone. Blows up and takes out all the others around.

    How is that different from blowing up a plane, other than the plane is protected? It is all Kabuki theatre.

  2. Pinzgauer

    How did we ever get to this point in a Representative Republic? Bureaucrats and Czars are running and ruining our daily lives. Worse part is, these people can’t be held accountable during elections and all these regulations – a “nice” way around proper debated legislation – forced on us will still be here even if we were to throw out all legislators.
    It’s maddening!

  3. Old School Grump

    Daniel at 4:11: I had never thought of that before but you are surely one thousand percent correct.

    Somewhat OT: Going through Chicago Midway security Saturday evening, I found I had chosen the line that was handling passengers in wheelchairs. I already knew–and think it is fine–that they are allowed to cut the line. What I hadn’t known–and sure don’t appreciate!–is that their ENTIRE party gets to cut the line with them. Not just one person, to be of assistance, but the whole damn entourage. Next time I travel with extended family, someone’s
    gonna get the wheelchair role, no doubt about it.

    • Old School, I mentioned this last year when I escorted my Ma (in wheelchair) through all that nonsense. She was still, of course wanded and probed because of artificial knees, but we did cut lines and coming home, Customs just waved us through. I said then and repeat the advice now, if you have to travel, but a white-haired wig for one of your group and go for it.