Why is global warming a NATO issue?


Obahama's "Beast"


The NATO summit is having loads of fun sending reporters and lesser heads of state around in electric buses while OBummer tools around in a zero-mpg monster because well, green stuff is for the little people.

Does anyone in Portugal, or Washington, remember what NATO was supposed to be about? It had nothing to do with dealing with Greenpeace.


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2 responses to “Why is global warming a NATO issue?

  1. Inagua

    NATO began as an amorphous political organization, turned itself into a belligerent military alliance after the Korean War, provoked the formation of the Warsaw Pact by the paranoid Soviets, and wasted trillions of dollars planning for an attack from a near impotent imagined foe. It is just another useless bureaucracy. Good place to start cutting defense budget.

  2. vitabrevis

    Fully appropriate to link anything to do with Obummer and NATO to “My ding-a-ling” but you may want to double check this one!